Sunday, November 27, 2011

Jason Is Not Lady Gaga's Biggest Fan...In Case You Needed To Know

Don't you love when you get to your mom's house for Thanksgiving dinner and in the process of getting your baby out of the car you snag her feeding tube and pull it out?

What?  Your baby doesn't have a feeding tube?  You are so missing out.

Three hours is how long we spent in the ER on Thursday afternoon waiting for the on-call radiologist to leave his Thanksgiving dinner to come and put Emily's tube back in.  Nothing makes me want to swear more than Emily's feeding tube.

And if you add an oxygen tank to the mix...well, we may never leave the house again.  

I'd like you to know that I fixed dinner today AND baked chocolate chip cookies yesterday.  
Holy cow that's amazing.  Trust me, it really is amazing...well, except for that part where I sliced my hand while slicing an avocado.

Our little lady is doing well, thank you for asking.  It seems she falls asleep a little earlier each night and almost always sleeps through the night.  As she continues to outgrow her shunt she will have less and less energy.  When she's awake she's an incredibly happy baby, and loves to smile and play with her mommy and daddy.

Yesterday she was lying on the couch watching TV.  I happened to look over at her at the same time a man on the TV smiled.  Emily saw his smile and smiled the biggest smile back at him.  She's truly a joy.

In other news...

I found 17 new grey hairs.
Jason lost his car keys.
A very kind blog friend brought us dinner.
I wrote 12 thank you notes.
I almost had an attack of vertigo.  It was close.  It scared me.  Thankfully my medicine worked.
My washer is going all day long, thanks to the blow outs Emily has at least twice a day.
A third baby girl joined our family...we love you baby Lizzy.
My sister found mint m&m's and bought me a bag.
Emily got to meet her adopted grandparents and aunts who came from Mexico for their daughter's/sister's wedding.

Don't ask me what I was doing with my smile...I have not a clue.

I think that's all the other news.

If I could talk I would say, "Seriously Mom?  Can you add any other tubes/tape to my face?  Give me a break already."

We've got two weeks...December 13th to be exact...until we have to take Emily back for her next 
open-heart surgery.
We don't love open-heart surgery - but we love that surgery gives our baby girl a chance to live.


Stacey said...

She is just precious!

Better put some mittens on those hands of hers because she will start pulling that tube out herself.

TortugaRachel said...

While I am not thankful for the ER visit you had to make, I am thankful you got to spend the holiday with your family.

And yes, Elimy, I completely agree, the tape thing is so last season.

Elleny said...

She looks so strong sitting up in the bimbo chair! I hope the next two weeks are the best... And I'm not a gaga fan either- she's a nut.

-stephanie- said...

Yay! Pictures! Thanks for the cuteness.

Bridget said...

I'm so sorry about that feeding tube!!! I can't even imagine how stressful it would make everything. Ugh! I hope you (and Em) get to get rid of it "for real" soon.
Boy, she is just darling! What a sweetheart!
Gaga is huge talent wasted, just my opinion. Can't even listen to her.
I hope your sweet family has a good time together these next few weeks and that the surgery goes better than perfectly!
Oh, and those mint m&m's are to die for, aren't they! Good grief I can eat a whole bag in one sitting.

Joann Mannix said...

She is getting to be such a big girl!

Ugh, so sorry about the feeding tube. If it's not raining, it's flooding, eh?

Enjoy your sweet girl for the next few weeks. And remember, it's one more surgery to make her stronger.

Sorry I haven't been around. Bill's mom is very ill right now. She has a feeding tube, too. Thankfully, though, I am not in charge of putting it back in when it comes out.

You are one fearless, strong lady, that's for sure.

Of One Heart said...

Big update. This girl is glad to catch up. Someday, those choc-chip cookies are mine. The ER doc is lucky he got to meet this bundle of joy. It's important for me to ask- did he get a cookie?

Emily and Kenny said...

I love seeing these pictures from the sweet family in Mexico. So many happy memories... life changing memories with you and them. You're so amazing Noelle. Hang in there. Emily is a beautiful strong little girl. You can see it in her eyes. Love you so much!

Shan said...

I know how amazing I have felt when I manage to accomplish something like a complete meal and or baking. Very proud of the way you are getting through each day. Even though it's incredibly hard, you keep going. Not everyone does, you know?

le Chef said...

Slowly but surely your new normal is letting you breathe.
I've been gone, but I haven't forgotten.

I'll be thinking of E all day on the 13th, and then I'll think of you, and pray someone brings you cookies.

Keep on keeping on mama.