Monday, November 7, 2011

A Little Of Both

Do you want the good news or the bad news?

I'll start with the good news.
The company Jason works for has quarterly meetings, usually in Colorado.
It's a small company...just 5 employees.
Everyone but Jason lives in Colorado, and so it makes more sense for Jason to travel to Colorado than the other way around.
But because of the situation with Emily, Jason's boss flew everyone here for their quarterly meeting which started yesterday.
The good news is that Jason was home for the bad news.

The bad news?
I changed Emily's diaper last night and saw blood. 
I changed another of Emily's diapers and saw even more blood.
It was at that point I started to cry.
The nurse, who was new for us, gave me a hug and cried with me.
Later last night Emily's tummy girth went from 36 to 38 in a matter of a couple of hours, and it was then they stopped her feeds, although so far her x-rays look good.

I don't know what plan K is.  (Because we've already been through plans A-J)
I'm not sure Emily's doctors know the plan either.

I'm taking a deep breath and keeping it together...that's my plan.

This sight?  The way my sweet girl holds on to her little elephant?  It melts my heart.


Baby Sister said...

:( Poor Emily. It's a good thing Jason's Mr. Boss Man is nice!!

Judy said...

Oh Noelle, my heart just breaks for your little family. Poor Emily has been through so much more than any baby, let alone human should have to go through, and she becomes my hero more and more every day.

wjmom said...

Noooooo.... (You have to imagine that in that creepy-slow-motion-movie voice). Poor Emmy! Poor Mommy!

Blessed, blessed Boss. You should tell him that our prayers are what is touching his heart. :)

So much love!

Of One Heart said...

I'm trying hard to think what this is. I think I'm in dire need to research things out. Is her hemoglobin okay? (I know the doctors are monitoring. I just want to make sure I am doing all I can.) Powder her bum to not get diaper rashes. I'm guessing you already do. Ummmm. I'm going to cry. Freak. I'll be back, Noelle. I promise.

Elleny said...

What a darling little pic with the elephant and what a darling of a boss.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry Noelle. Looking at that cute, chubby little hand, it seems like she's getting so big. Hang in there, little Emily, Mom and Dad.

Brent and Lori said...

Nate and I pray for Baby Emily every night. He's seen her pictures and knows that she's very sick and "at the doctors". He brings her up sometimes during the day and will say, "Heavenly Father gonna help da Baby?"

We love you all!

Of One Heart said...

A mere glimpse of this little chubby baby lights up every hope I have in my heart today. We'll win- because nice matters. It does.

Beth Zimmerman said...

Oh Noelle ... He knows! He cares! He still has a plan! We're still praying!

le Chef said...

Tell Jason's boss that someone in WA thinks that what he is doing for your family is absolutely wonderful, and that if heaven hires CEO's, he's totally got the job.
...well, you know ... later, that is.

Since I read all these backwards time-wise - I guess you've already been working on this one.
Not to make light of it, because blood in a diaper IS serious, and will freak a mom to no end.
But as a heads up - NEVER, and I mean NEVER, feed your child Oreos, or beets. That will put you over the edge .. at least until you remember what they ate.

My heart is so sad for little Emily. I keep rooting and praying for her, and I can't help but feel like I'm going to get on here and see that she's doing better, and that she's home. I do understand the seriousness of her situation .. and yet .. it's like, she's going to be OK. Which I really, sincerely pray comes to pass sooner, rather than later.

Motherhood. They scare the Be-Hoo-Ha out of you sometimes. There's a special place in heaven for parents - I'm sure of it. And it's probably padded, and white, and filled with chocolate and cookies... which in heaven would be OK.

Seriously though; hold on to your faith. Know that others are praying for you, and that Heavenly Father hears us. Know also that you have worked miracles, simply by being true to yourselves, and not wavering when life throws challenges in your path. We are all, every one of us, important in his eyes. He hasn't forgotten Emily. I'm confident he has angels just for her.