Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Monday Passed By In A Blur

It took me four hours last night to get through my 'to be ironed' pile.
Four hours.
Those are four hours I'll never get back.

In a strange and unexpected twist the little miss is now tolerating her feeds.
As of 8:00 this morning she was at 17 mLs an hour.  Our goal is 26.
It could be the formula change, it could be the new antibiotic they are giving her to treat a possible bacteria, or as the nurse practitioner told us, "It's Emily.  It could be the fact that you put a headband on her."
Really, it's an answer to prayers.

If she reaches 26 mLs an hour, and stays there with no problem, Emily will come home and surgery will be postponed until she gains a little more weight.

Besides being more exhausted than I ever remember, I'm torn with this turn of events.
I want my baby girl to come home, but I want her to come home to stay.  Just when we get back into a routine, and feel like life is normal again, it will be time to take Emily back to the hospital for her next surgery, and we'll be starting over. 

Oh...don't listen to me...

Yesterday my nephew Josh, who is 5, called me to thank me for the water bottle Jason gave him for his emergency kit.
We talked for a few minutes and then Josh said goodbye.
Two minutes after hanging up my phone rang again.
"Noelle, I forgot to tell you something about my day," Josh said.
"I hurt my lip.  It bled for about an hour."
"I thought my tooth was going to fall out."
"But my tooth can't fall out yet, because I have to get my pillow fixed first."

I asked what his tooth had to do with his pillow.

"I've heard some kids talk about the tooth fairy.  I know the tooth fairy brings money."
"I've tried putting money under my pillow to see if it works, but the money always falls behind my bed."
"My pillow must not work right, so I have to fix it."
"But if all of my teeth fall out I'll just wear my fangs."

And with that I have nothing else to say at the moment.
I'll be here rocking with Elimy if you need me.


-stephanie- said...

The best place to be in this world is rocking your sweet baby girl. So happy to hear that prayers are being answered in such a good way.

Your nephew is hilarious.

Happy rocking.

Joann Mannix said...

Well Darlin,

I understand. You just want the roller coaster ride to come to a stop. I get it. And to have her home and then gone again, would be just another terrifying dip in the ride. But the good thing is, something seems to be working. I say it's the headbands. They are awfully cute on that sweetie pie.

I'll keep praying and hoping and watching over you all.

Of One Heart said...

Awesome news to read, girlie! I was just about to email you to ask where you've been and why I haven't heard from you- I've been the one missing- late realization. Yay Emily! Go girl!!!! Yay headbands. :) About the complaining, hun- you have ALLLL of my permissions granted there. You have no idea how foul my mouth has turned now! :/ Tell your Mommy to skip this comment, please!