Friday, November 11, 2011

Our Family Is Forever

We're on hold.
They're giving Emily one more try with a different kind of formula; if it doesn't work, surgery will be within the next two weeks.
At the moment our little miss is getting 2 mLs an hour.  She only made it to five last time before she got sick.
Emily's track record would suggest that surgery is in our immediate future, but maybe she'll surprise us.

Two years ago at this time Jason and I were just getting to know each other.  For those of you who are new to our family, Jason and I met online and wrote back and forth for a month before we met face to face.  I initially joined the online dating world for blog stories.  I never expected to find a husband along the way.

In a few short months we went from being total strangers to this:

I've thought a lot about the path my life has taken...I've thought about the choices I made along the way...the people who came in and out of my life.
When I met Jason I was still dealing with some of the emotions of ending a relationship that hadn't been that great.  And I wasn't at all sure that there were any good guys left.
Jason showed me otherwise.

I've known all along that I made the perfect choice for me when I married Jason, but to see him see the love he has for his baby see the love she has for him...

There's not another man that I know who is as perfect as Jason is to be Emily's daddy.

And I love that together we're now this:

I love you Jason.  Thanks for sending me that email two years ago.


Cox Family said...

We're glad he sent that email, too. And that now you are three. We waited so long wanting Jason to be married and have a family. We're glad he chose you and that you are now part of our family too. We love you all!

Mr. Thompson and Me said...

Gorgeous. You made me tear up...

I'm really glad he sent that email too. Watching you both at the hospital last night was....very "motivating"!

(get it?!) :)

Lalis said...

Noelle, reading your blog the last few times has been dangerous.

I always end up tearing up.
It's a good "tearing up."

I'm also glad Jason sent you that e-mail. :)

le Chef said...

LOL, yes hon, life changes so very very quick when God decides it's time for the babies in your life. And she certainly has your eyes, and mouth, and most definitely his ears.
It's funny how things fall into place. How we meet the people we need to, even after we lose the ones we thought we weren't suppose to - but then we're relieved we did. In two more years time, you will be even more amazed. Trust this.

I will be keeping your little family in my prayers (as always) and will be sending you uber, super, well and happy thoughts and feelings these next few weeks. I know you will get busy, and will have a busy mind - no worries - just know we are all still here, waiting and praying. Take care of your little family, and our prayers will take care of the rest.
{{{wonder woman hugs}}} - Noelle
{{{butterfly kisses}}} - Emily
{{{pat on the back and extra brownie points}}} - Jason

wjmom said...

Of all of the things you've posted, dear friend, this is the one that brought the tears. Hooray for forever families, and happy ones at that!

The Broderick Family Blog said...

You guys are constantly in our prayers!

Kim said...

Who would of thunk a simple email could turn into this?! I love happy endings, thank you for sharing your story.

Of One Heart said...

Yikes! I can't decide which is my favorite photo anymore! Love this post. I still need to read November 2009- soon enough.