Tuesday, November 1, 2011

We're Still Here

A local talk radio station took a poll.
This was the question:
Which group would you be most likely to do volunteer work for?

the homeless
people living in poverty
sick children

Care to guess which group came in with the most votes?

It wasn't sick children.
It was animals.
The talk show host asked one of the voters why she picked animals.
"People and kids can take care of themselves."

For obvious reasons her response made me a bit sad.
I thought of all of the volunteers who have spent hours holding my baby when I can't.
And I'm grateful that they picked sick kids.

We have been inundated with love...

visits from friends
cookies in the mail
treats left in Emily's room
smiles from our favorite cleaning lady
our favorite nurse spoiling our baby girl

We have no idea how long we'll be here but we are being well taken care of.

Oh...just one more question:
Are there support groups for binky addictions?  I've got a feeling we are going to need one. Or ten.


The Broderick Family Blog said...

It is SO SAD to see all of the people that love dogs and cats more than children. People out here in the Midwest/East talk to their animals like people and frequently dress them up.

Venassa said...

That girl's response is really sad. I'd want to help sick children over animals any day.
Emily looks so peaceful in that photo.
Ps. If you get a chance could I get your mailing address? I thought I still had it from when you won my giveaway but I don't.

Jessica said...

If you find that binky support group, let me know! We need it around here!

TortugaRachel said...

Maybe you'll get lucky and Elimy will be one of those that just gives it up later on. Mine both did (thank you Lord).

On a side note, I have to admit I'd pick animals, but that's because sick kids makes my heart cry. I just wanna snuggle them and take their pain and I can't. And I leave them feeling so very helpless.

I'd hold your baby any day though!

Elleny said...

LOVE the pictures! I cannot believe that animals got the most votes, that makes me sick. But I've never fallen in love with a pet or been a fan of animals either.... Crazy!

-stephanie- said...

I would definitely volunteer to hold your little cuddle bug. So sweet.

Bridget said...

I honestly can not believe the results of the poll. How sad! I mean, they are all great causes, but you would hope it was obvious that children should come first. Sad.
I wouldn't worry about the binks until she is into kindergarten and can't leave it home, haha. There's nothing wrong with a little security. :) They grow too fast as it is. Tagg gave up his binky by himself when he was 1 though, and I was sad! Overnight he just wanted nothing to do with it. Silly kids.

Bridget said...

PS, she is sooooo stinkin' cute! Those pictures are precious!

Julie said...

I'd pick kids any day. That's my life, these wee ones. I am so glad you found Brad, he did an awesome job and I can't wait to see more photos. Your little girl is the most beautiful little girl and she sure has a handsome daddy and a super beautiful mama.
Take care and God Bless!!

le Chef said...

I can actually understand the choice of animals over people, being that I've worked in the Veterinary business so long, because people are generally the cause of an animal's distress.
After living the life I have, and experiencing the the hardships I have, if I had to choose today, it would be to help people. People that aren't in distress are more likely to take care of the "smaller" concerns of their animals than people with their neck to the grind stone. -Not that the stressed people are bad - only that priorities shift when it's survival on the line. Take care of the least of society, and the rest tends to fall in line. Humanity begets compassion. Compassion begets charity. Charity begets hope. Hope begets humanity.
It's amazing how simple it really is. It's unfortunate that it usually takes a trial for an individual to understand and have compassion for what others are truly going through. That said, at least the opportunity to learn is there.

-She's so precious! And that headband - is so perfectly you! Keep it forever.

Nurse Angie said...


I love both of your blogs. You are all an inspiration to me. I love taking care of Emily, her sweet spirit saturates my soul. I wanted to let you know, because I forgot to tell Jason, I looked up Elecare to see why you always get the response " Because it's Elecare." It turns out Elecare doesn't have milk proteins OR soy proteins. So it does sound like it's the best for her. No proteins to be allergic to. So there's an answer to one more question at least. I will see you guys soon. I requested to take care of Emily this Saturday when I work next. Let me know if I can ever ease your burden even a little bit.

Of One Heart said...

Would you be jealous if I tell you that my favorite reason to read your blog now is that I get to stare at Emily for so much longer? She is one gorgeous kiddo. The guys are going to be falling for her before she knows it. Watch out Mama!