Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Yes We Need A Little Christmas...Right This Very Minute

I'm in need of an intervention.

I grew up in a home that was constantly under construction.
So much construction that for what seemed like forever our bathroom was open and exposed to the world.
The bathroom was on the second floor and the walls were knocked out of it, leaving nothing between us and the air outside.
We would bathe at night with the lights off so that no one would see us.
In fact, the light we used was the glow of the street light on the corner.

The walls of our home were nothing but sheet rock.
For years.
We used those walls as our personal drawing pad.
We drew pictures on the walls.
We practiced our signatures on those walls.
If you were to peel back whatever is on the walls now, you would find our life history.

In my closet alone you would find the name of every boy I ever loved, and every babysitter I ever hated.

After years of living with this construction, we came home from a vacation to find all of our old furniture on the back porch.
We couldn't decide if someone had robbed us or if our parents had decided to move without telling any of us.
When we walked into the house we found our answer.
My mom's family had spent the week we were gone finishing our home for us.
Our walls were painted and wall papered, our floors were carpeted, and we had new furniture.
My mom's family saw a need, and knew of my parent's lack of money to finish the construction, and stepped in and helped out in a big way.
I'll never forget that.

Now, the intervention I need isn't on such a large scale.
In fact, it pales in comparison.
BUT...the fact remains that an intervention is in order.

I'm having a hard time feeling the Christmas spirit.
Perhaps it's knowing that our Christmas will be spent in the hospital.
(Maybe the hospital will let me set up a small tree.  I must find a small tree.)
Or maybe it's just because I'm tired.
(Just because Emily sleeps through the night doesn't mean that I do.  I'm a bit of a worrier and I check the baby monitor every 7 seconds.)
Whatever the reason...

Do you think if I beg and plead my sisters will agree to help me put up and decorate my tree?

And the rest of you?
If you see Christmas spirit, send it my way!


Kristin said...

I'll come and help you decorate the tree!!!!

You will have a wonderful Christmas, no matter where you spend it. Your family will be together wherever you are, and that's all that matters. This is Emily's first Christmas, so make it magical for all of you!!!


Baby Sister said...

You don't even have to beg and plead. :) As soon as I turn this paper in tomorrow...I'm all yours. Except for when I'm studying for my final. :)

wjmom said...

Best way to find the Christmas spirit? Find someone else to give it to, even in tiny ways. Maybe you can find TWO Christmas trees: One for Elimy's hospital room, and one for someone else's.

Jaime said...

The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree: the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other. ~Burton Hillis

Anonymous said...

I spent a Christmas at Primary Children's Hospital with my niece and it honestly was one of my most cherished and memorable holidays. Twelve years later and my family still speaks fondly of those memories.

Primary is a special place, especially at Christmas time. I hope you have a similar feeling this holiday season.

Camaree Staheli

Tiff said...

I'm there... you tell me when and I would love to help you!


Julie said...

I wish I could live closer, I'd decorate everything, every place, cook, clean and make sure that you find the Christmas spirit and relax and enjoy. I have heard Christmas in a Childrens Hospital is really an unique experience so look for the good, it's there and the Lord will make sure it's an awesome Christmas.
Take care Noelle, blessing!!

Venassa said...

If your sisters are as sweet as you are I bet they'd be there in a minute to help you decorate your tree. I hope you find your Christmas spirit. It's hard when you have big things to deal with. We had a hard time with it last year since my grandfather had his stoke at the end of November. Force yourself to put up the decorations and listen to Christmas music and it will hopefully come.

Of One Heart said...

I agree with everyone here. Hospitals decorate like nobody's business for festivals. I've just realized that myself.

Noelle, I'm sending ALL of my Christmas spirit your way. Feel it. Hugs.


le Chef said...

I haven't seen Christmas spirit in years. Disaster has a way of dragging it's dirty boots across the tinsel and holly.
This year I may even put more than one sad ornament on the tree.
Baby steps.
Start with the music, then graduate to a few decorations. It'll come back, it just takes a little remembering on what it's really about.