Thursday, December 15, 2011

95% Of Our Day Has Been This:

The other 5% has been this:

(Sometimes I dream that I'm out running.  Do you think I burn calories that way?)

Want to hear about a pet peeve of mine?
I didn't realize I had this particular pet peeve until recently.
It's not even a fair pet peeve and I'm working on getting over it.

About a month ago I got a letter in the mail from the insurance company.
My day is never complete if there is not some form of correspondence from the insurance company.
I opened the letter and read about how the insurance company was following up on what they felt was negligence during one of Emily's hospital stays.

Their claim?
"Pulmonary insufficiency due to some kind of trauma."

And then the following questions:

Was the trauma due to an auto accident?
A motorcycle accident?
A boating accident?

And other equally ridiculous questions.

How many kids have boating accidents while they are in the hospital?

Enter my pet least part of it.

Do your research.
Act like you have even the smallest of a clue.

Emily was born with pulmonary insufficiency.  Had they read anything at all about her they would have read that she was diagnosed before birth with pulmonary atresia.

I called the insurance company and said as kindly as I could:
"Why are you sending me this form?"
"My daughter is three months old."
Etc. Etc.

They promised they would delete whatever they needed to from their computers so as to avoid other such forms in the future.

* * *

The day before Emily was admitted for surgery I got a phone call from the hospital.

"I just have a few questions to make sure we have all of the information we need before tomorrow's surgery."

And then the questions were these:

Has Emily ever been hospitalized?
Can you tell me the dates and the reasons?

Was she premature?
Are you sure?

After several minutes of these kinds of questions I finally asked, "Do you have Emily's medical history on your computer?"

I was told that she did.

"Have you read it?"

I was told that she had.

I wanted to suggest that she read it again before she drove me insane with her questions.

* * *

If you are at the hospital for an appointment, and not a visit, you don't need to check in and get an ID badge.
When we brought Emily in for her pre-op appointment we told the guy at the front desk the reason for our being there, and he let us through.

Now, I can tell you that in the last three months one of the security guards has changed her hair color twice.  Another of the security guards got a perm.  And I can come close to telling you how many times the other security guard has worn his neon blue shirt.

But that day, the neon blue shirt wearer stopped me THREE times in an hour.

"Are you here visiting?  You need to check in."


I can guarantee you that had someone walked past my desk twice a day for almost all of the last three months I would remember them.
I would remember them if they had walked past my desk twice. Period.

The other part of my pet peeve is that people don't take the time to remember.

Do you know how many times the nursing manager has introduced herself to me?
I've lost count.

The child life specialist has introduced herself to me more than once.
"We've never met," they all say.


* * *

But you see, it's not fair because not everyone in the world has a memory as freaky as mine.
Not everyone can remember every face they've ever seen, and almost always be able to place where they've seen it.

Not everyone remembers every little detail quite like I do.

And that's why, when the nursing manager stops to introduce herself to me I always smile and say, "It's nice to meet you.  Thank you for stopping by."

* * *

And thank you.
I feel better now.


-stephanie- said...

I feel better that you vented too. Praying for Emily.

Lalis said...

This post just made me feel so much better. It's not because people don't remember me, it's because their attention to detail is as bad as... Ok, I can't think of a good analogy. I was going to say "a bird" but a momma bird can tell her chickies apart from little chickies that look just the same to me. Her attention to detail is far better than that of the people around me. In fact, I believe all animals are more detail-oriented than the people in my daily life. Long story short, I am at work at 8pm with a cold because of other's lack of attention to detail.

Sandra said...

Emily looks wonderful. And her mommy is beautiful.

and not only can I remember if you have been through my line at Target before, if you come through on a regular basis I can even tell you what you are likely to purchase.

Dazee Dreamer said...

I may not remember a person's name, but I always remember their face. So I'm about ready to come up to that hospital and have a word or 2 with the workers there. Just sayin.

Shan said...

You're a nicer person than I am. I already suspected this, what with the difference between our blog titles and all. But when I've had the head of my organization or ones I work with introduce themselves to me repeatedly, I point out that we've met before. Each and every time.

Your daughter looks so alert and curious and PINK. I am hoping your life is soon filled with the sort of sleepless nights that come from having a regular little kidlet.


Shan :+)

Erka said...

I am sorry, but I laughed really hard at this! I am so glad I am not the only person who gets annoyed by some of these "interesting" hospital/insurance things. Like, the day before my d&c, the hospital calls to ask me what meds I am on and then,
Lady:Is there a chance you are pregnant?
E:Ummm, do you have my record in front of you?
Lady: Yes, maam!
E: Then you know I am coming in for a d&c, so what do you want me to answer? I guess, yes and no, I am pregnant, but my baby is dead.
Lady: Just protocol,I have to ask!
E: I see, but you can maybe use your brain and fill that box in yourself! (I didn't really say that last part, just thought it in my head.)
The point is, as you said so yourself, it's best to just smile and let it go,right?

Of One Heart said...

Uhm hmm. Ahem. I am going to be more alert from now onwards, Noelle. I promise.

Noelle! You make me laugh. You're cute!

Elleny said...

I'm annoyed for you just reading this- especially all the questions from the insurance person. Get real people!

The Perry's said...

We had a letter like that from our insurance when my little guy was in the hospital for his last OHS. What is the insurance thinking?