Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Emily Might Be Teething

Due to sleep deprivation...again...I can't form a coherent sentence.

Jason told me I could nudge him in the middle of the night and tell him it was his turn to check on Emily, but can I really ask him to share in my over-protective worried mother syndrome?

Speaking of Jason...be dears, and tell me what the heck to get him for Christmas.
I need one more gift...just something small, yet meaningful.

One of these days I'm going to tell you a story.
It's a good story.
Maybe for Christmas...

I had a long moment today where I seriously doubted my ability to do this...to be Emily's mom...to give her everything she needs...to be strong enough to meet 'hard' head on every single day for what seems like will be forever...and so I cried.

And while I cried Emily smiled at me.

I love that little girl.
I hope and pray every day that that love will be enough.

Our heart baby enjoying her heart.


Elizabeth said...

That picture is hilarious!

Also, my two friends, Ben & Jerry, would be more than happy to help you drown your sorrows. Ask them about their Milk & Cookies.

Chin up, sweet friend. You're more than equal to the task. Just do your best and God will make up the rest.

xo -E

Shan said...

I think your long moment is part and parcel of being the mama, regardless of all the "extras" you've been dealing with. Sleep deprivation and the pressure to DO. THE. RIGHT. THING at all times, combined with this overwhelming love... yeah, that gives pause to many a mama.

No clue on the gift, sorry.

Oh, and YES, you should let him share your worried mommy syndrome. Even though he does so much already and he needs his sleep and and and. Yes. It took me until Fynn was almost 10 months old before I asked for help. By then, I was hanging by a very thin thread. Having Tom occasionally take over a night waking has helped *tremendously*. I am stronger. Equally good, Tom and Fynn are closer for those late night hours.


Bridget said...

Poor little teething girl! Perfect teething ring though!!

I wonder all the time if I'll get feel good enough for my boys, and they don't even have heart problems!
I'd say Emily darned lucky to have a mommy as wonderful as you! It is more than obvious how much you love her, and that's all any child needs more than anything. Unconditional love.

I don't know if your hubbs would even like these, but there are some really cute father/daughter willow tree figurines. Though if your hubbs is reading this, then I'm really no help at all. But Dev is a manly man, and he just melts at the little father figurines.

Prayers and love heading your way!

Sandra said...

It will be enough because you will let the Lord make up the rest.

cathyjoy said...

Love will be enough.

Love and faith...lot's of faith.

You are a great mom and Elimy's a blessed little girl.

Y'all are right where God planned you to be.

Merry Christmas

rplatt said...

That little girl has me wrapped around every single finger!!!!

rplatt said...

That little girl has me wrapped around every single finger - all 10 of them in fact!!!!

Dazee Dreamer said...

Love that photo. It's like she is giving you the neener neener face.

You could make some kind of christmas ornament with a picture of you and Emily on it. that way he will have it every year as a reminder. Those are my favorite Ornaments. My daughter did some cute ones this year. Here is a link you can can check out.

Of One Heart said...

I come here just to read you, look at Em, blank out for a while and get transported. I'm tired with trying to study/work/act like a stud and sleep little, so sorry if my comment makes no sense.

By the way, we need to know we're human and we deserve to sleep, the two of us.

I'm at a stage where meeting patient after patient with oral cancer and a lifelong history of tobacco chewing is making me sad. And Emmy is totally inspiring me to think that treating babies is better.

Noelle, I feel like I see Em growing through your blog each day.. It's fun. And yes, her binkie now pales in comparison!!

Christmas gift- a handwritten letter with your drawings on it.