Monday, December 5, 2011

Emily's Hats

Dear Jane, Kim, and Diane,

I just wanted to thank you for these:

I think I look pretty cute.  Don't you?

The therapist told Mommy today that my head is flat and not shaped the way it needs to be.
I was kicking my legs like crazy because I wanted to say, 'What do you expect after all of the time I've spent in a hospital?'
After I recover from my next open heart surgery I will probably have to wear a helmet.
Can't a baby girl catch a break?
That's probably what I would say if I could talk.

Anyway...I really hope that the hats will fit over my helmet.

Thank you for thinking of me...and for sending me such special gifts.

Lots of love,



Shan said...

I know it's one more thing on top of a lot of things, but it does seem that the helmets are becoming pretty common these days. A lot of parents deck them out with colorful stickers. Even better, the people I know who've recently been through that with their children ended up having to use them less time than expected.

Is there anyway she can lay facing different directions in the meantime?

And last, but not least, she is absolutely gorgeous... with or without those adorable hats.

Elizabeth said...

Emily looks good in hats. That pink hat, the first one, is SO adorable. And I love the pumpkin hat. My oldest, Grasshopper, was due on Halloween (he came early) and for his first, second and probably third Halloweens, we dressed him as a pumpkin. But his hat wasn't nearly as cute.

As I was looking at those pictures, I was thinking, "what a nice shaped head Emily has. It is so pretty and round." Just goes to show how much I know. But I think she is such a beautiful girl. Thanks for sharing her with us.

And if you need a babysitter, you know who to call. Seriously.

xo -E

Of One Heart said...

Em, you could model professionally if you wanted to! :)

A helmet for my ball? That's just crazy.

AO said...

I know you don't even know me, but I LOVE hearing about Emily. LOVE the hats. I am a friend of JaLae's, so I think somehow I got onto your blog through her. But, my son just got over wearing a helmet.... and it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought.... and he didn't have NEARLY as cute hats :)

Karalee said...


I don't know if you remember me, I am Karalee (Barrington) now Nix, I am your sister's Amanda's age. Anyway I have been stalking your blog for a while, probably since Emily has been born, and I have been hoping for her health.

This last post made me think of my 3 1/2 year old. He was born early and spent 2 months in the NICU. Anyway we didn't have any problems with his head shape even though he was in a bed all that time, partly because they had these donut shaped pillow/cushion things that he could lay on, without putting extra pressure on his head. I think they are called Halos, but I might be wrong. Anyway when she goes back you might want to ask about that, to see if it would help.

Good luck with everything.

Joann Mannix said...

Emily, I have a flat head, too! Yay for the flat head girls!

No one ever noticed mine until it was too late for a helmet, so in the back, my head is flat. It's no big deal if your head stays that way. My flat head has done pretty well by me all these years.

You look beautiful in your hats and I'm sure you will rock a helmet.

Carol said...

Oh my! She looks adorable in those hats!

-stephanie- said...

Dear Elimy, Your cuteness makes me smile. I like your sock puppets. ;o)

Lalis said...

Dear Emily! I got an awesome collection of stickers. Want to share? I think they'd look lovely on the helmet :) I do admit, they won't be as lovely as those hats. What sweet gifts!

Venassa said...

She looks so adorable!
I hope she catches that break soon! Poor girlie.

pauline said...

I love, love baby Emily!

Those hats are adorable and so is she.

le Chef said...

I love that pink hat :)
I've seen a lot of kids with helmets - maybe it's the new "thing". Our baby doc just told us to keep rotating them .. I guess like a pie in the oven .. or something.
For the record, I never noticed she had a flat head. Maybe because I was too busy focusing on her little eyes and face.
I could picture myself wearing a helmet, just because...
- no idea why I mentioned that, but apparently a few family members here totally agree... hhmmm. So when she gets her helmet, you'll have to load pics. I'm betting she'll rock that too. I mean heck, have you seen some of the hats the British folks wear? Her helmet will look pretty darn trendy compared to some of those.
A princess chair and a helmet ... AWESOME LOL!
BTW: she's looking great! Love those smiles.

Kim Molnar said...

Emily looks absolutely adorable in her hats! And the pictures you posted the other day of her laughing made my day!

Jenn said...


I know how to make those hats, and if she needs to have a helmet I will be happy to make some that go over! Let me know! Jason and I are praying for you always!