Thursday, December 29, 2011

Greetings From The Household of Sick People

I just got this text:

'Just for the record...I'm going through blog withdrawals.  U need to post!  :)'

I know, I know, it's been a while.  However, my life is so full of every good thing there is, I simply haven't found the time to write anything inspiring.
Toddlers and Tiaras will do that to a person, every single time.

And that right there is the truth of it.  My life has been reduced to watching episodes of Toddlers and Tiaras.
Feel free to mourn with me.

'Tis cold and flu season and we are mostly staying at home.  As it is, Jason spent the last 24 hours in bed being sick and Emily had a visit with her pediatrician today, to make sure the congestion and runny eyes she has isn't anything worthy of a hospital stay.  Her lungs are clear...all is well...for now.  I've had two mostly sleepless nights watching over my little lady, and I'm a tired mommy.

I don't do well being confined to my house.  I didn't know this about myself.
Last night a friend came to visit and I'm afraid I may have scared her away forever.  It was my first real adult contact in 24 hours and when she asked how I was I cried as I said, "Oh, fine.  I'm just fine."

In other riveting news...
When Jason asked me what I wanted for Christmas I told him there were two things I didn't want:

-anything technological
-outdoor gear...of any kind

"What else is there?"  Jason asked.
"Let's go for something personal and romantic," I suggested.
"Romantic?  Where do I get something romantic?" 

And then he spent the next few minutes thinking out loud.

"Do boutiques sell romantic things?  What is a boutique?"
"Does this mean I have to go to the mall?
"I am NOT going into Victoria Secrets."

He makes me laugh.

In the end, I think every gift he got me was purchased at an outdoor gear shop, except for a lotion set he bought.  The lotion is described as sensual and with that, Jason figured he had romantic in the bag.

There you have it.  The excitement that is my life.
I'm going to go now and tell Jason he has a choice: football or my company.
I'm secretly hoping he picks football so that I can go and crawl into bed.


Elizabeth said...

I'm not sure why they call it Victoria's Secret. There's nothing secret about that place.

Sorry you're all sick! No fun!

And I hope you got to go to bed early.

xo -E

Dazee Dreamer said...

funny guy. me, if my hubby would splurge on electronic I would be thrilled. oh well.

Shan said...

Oh no! Here's hoping you stay well, because moms don't get the breaks that dads often do. Or so I've heard many women complain. (Note to self: I should really appreciate my husband more.)

Here's (another place where) you and I differ. My husband got me a portable hard drive for Christmas. It gives me goose bumps (well, not when I think about figuring out how to use it, but the thought of clearing 14,000 photos off my computer... exciting!).

Healing hugs,

Shan :+)

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas, Noelle. Hope everyone is feeling better. I got my husband "mosquito bands". They are plastic-looking bracelets that supposedly keep away the mosquitos. He gets eaten up every summer, so I thought they would be good. Now I'm wondering, does that qualify as personal and romantic? Ask Jason for me. Maybe he really wanted chocolate pie. Or meat. I'm just not sure what does it for a guy from a personal and romantic standpoint.

Of One Heart said...

Jason makes me laugh too. It's a good thing you found him!