Friday, December 16, 2011

I Found Christmas Spirit!

In the last 30 minutes my 'to do' list grew by at least a mile.
And all of that has to do with the phone call I just got from Jason.
He's at the hospital today, and I stayed home to catch up on things like laundry, and dishes,and Christmas shopping and oh...just my job...the one that provides the much needed insurance we have.
Because have I mentioned how much my little Elimy is worth?
Oh. My. Honk.

Back to the phone call.

Jason asked, "Do you want the good news or the bad news?"
I always ask for the bad news first.

The bad news is that Emily is still in the hospital.
The good news is that she passed her swallow study with FLYING COLORS!
And that means that the feeding tube has already been moved from her intestines to her tummy.
And it also means that she is going to drink from a bottle and that soon we can pull that blankety blank tube all together.
(But in the meantime if the tube comes out Daddy can put it more trips to the ER!)
((Mommy could put it in too...if Mommy had any bravery about her whatsoever.))

A few minutes later Jason called again.
"Do you want the good news or the bad news first?"

The bad news is that Emily is still in the hospital.
The good news is that she'll be coming home sooner rather than later.
Maybe Saturday, maybe Sunday...but no later than Monday...assuming that nothing dramatic happens between now and then.

I'm still in shock.

And I still have a million and seven things to do.

What to hear the other good news?
My sister and I ran to do one small bit of Christmas shopping and we stopped for lunch at our favorite soup/salad place.
When we went to pay we were told "Our computers are down.  Lunch is on us."

Do you know how often something like that happens to me?
That's how often.

Now I have a million and eight things to do.
I have got to go.


angel shrout said...

OH that my dear is the Merry for your Christmas.. enjoy it sweetie Ya'll have worked so hard to get here.

Bridget said...


-stephanie- said...

The bad news isn't so bad but the good news is AWESOME! Thank you Jesus!

Cookies are awesome too! ;o)

Venassa said...

Aww I am so happy for you guys! I'm praying nothing happens to keep her in there any longer. What a great Christmas gift!

Of One Heart said...

And I'm in for such a surprise, that I'm crying.


p.s. God please bless my Emmy baby some more! And you know what? Her Mommy and Daddy deserve a few ten thousand more dysfunctional computers; so, do that!

Dazee Dreamer said...

you should see the size of my goosebumps. that is sooooo awesome

Shan said...

I just spied this while talking on the phone with my husband. I have NO. FREAKING. IDEA. what he just said. Something about obituary writing and the Orioles? I am not sure I can play this off, but I am *so* incredibly happy for you all.

Oh happy day!

Elizabeth said...

That is SO great! I'm so happy for you all! Hooray for miracles.

xo -E

P.S. Where is this soup/salad place and are their computers still down?

The Cookie Corner said...

Im so glad you found it (or it found you)! Emily is taking care of you---she just knows! Happy Holidays!
Jackie Lee

Sam said...

Ahh!! Such amazing news!! Way to go little Emily!!

Meghan said...

That's so exciting!!! I am so happy for you!

Sarah said...

YAY!! You deserved some amazing news like that!

Amy said...

Woooo hoooo!!!!! (if I could do backflips that's what i would've done)

Jen said...

Amazing! So glad to hear Emily is doing so well!

Lalis said...

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! And free lunch on top of that? NICE!