Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Slow and Steady

When we got to the hospital this morning Emily's nurse informed us that Emily is a pistol.
"She's mad at the world," the nurse said.
I love that Emily's mad at the world.  It means she's fighting, and we need her to fight.

Daddy started singing to her and she calmed right down.
This little lady loves her daddy...in case you didn't know.

They took her breathing tube out this morning and put her feeding tube back in.
Here's hoping the feeding tube is semi-temporary.

We can't get over the fact that our baby is pink.
I knew she looked blue before, but I didn't realize how blue until I saw her pink.

As usual Jason's work family has taken great care of us.
A few days before Emily's surgery we got some gift cards in the mail to the Marriott Hotel near the hospital.
I slept soundly last night, knowing that Emily was in the best of hands, and that we were only 5 minutes away from our baby girl.

Emily will most likely be in the intensive care unit for two or three more days and then if all remains stable, she will be moved to the recovery floor.
I didn't think it was possible but we might actually have the little miss home for Christmas.

Emily is my hero...and will be forever.


Kim said...

I love that she is a pistol too, like you said, it has gotten her to where she is today, alive and on the road to well!

How kind of Jason's work to provide the gift cards for you, what a relief to have that burden off your plate so you can focus on what really matters, sleep and Emily :)

Thanks again for keeping us updated, I have been checking in regularly. xoxoxoxox

Cox Family said...

Such great news! We can't wait to meet her when we're up there after Christmas, if it's okay with you guys. Maybe this time I'll leave my kids at their Grandma's house.

Of One Heart said...

OMG! Yay! :) Her picture in your sidebar is distracting me. You WILL be home for Christmas- Em's first Christmas! I'm excited!

wjmom said...

My heart is melting. And rejoicing. And singing. Hooray for beautiful, strong, fighting girls and their parents who teach, love, nurture, cherish, and care for them! Love you!

Lalis said...

Well... If I had had my heart open (twice mind you), and had a million tubes stuck to me, I'd be pissed at the world too. She's just showing off her little personality and that is AWESOME. Pink little Elimy :)

the 2 of us... said...

Yea for Emily...keep fighting little one...you ROCK!! and so do your mommy and daddy...hope all is well...loves from Monticello

jer and lous crew said...

sorry that last post was from the Hoggards from Monticello...i was helping my Mom in Law with her blog and forgot i was logged in under her blog when i posted...hope all is well again...loves from us

pauline said...

I'm sooooo happy for this great news! Emily will be home for Christmas. She is a fighter. Keep fighting Emily!!

Elleny said...

She is the best!!!

-stephanie- said...

Yay for pink baby girls. Get better real quick little pistol. Christmas at home is waiting for you.

cathyjoy said...

what wjmom said.



le Chef said...

GAH! I need to get on here more. Then I would have known they bumped her surgery.
Anyway, I've been praying up a storm, and fell asleep last night praying that the surgery would go OK today .. I guess they take delayed prayers upstairs.
It's not that I'm obsessed (I am, probably) but I had a little cousin with heart issues who had to do all this 30 years ago. Things have come a long way. That, and just being with my sister's kids, I can appreciate how much work it is, and how emotionally draining it can be. Everyone wants little babies to be happy and healthy.
The nose avoidance thing - my sisters kids did that. thankfully they eventually forget.
I'm so glad to see her looking pink and healthy. I've thought about her all day. And hoped you and Jason were surviving.
Hang in there. Christmas is just around the corner, and I have faith she'll be doing well.
Know that you are in our thoughts.
Merry Christmas little Em.

Jamie said...

I am SO happy she is doing so well. I will keep praying for all of you!