Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Meet My Shallow Side

I've been distracted.

Aren't they pretty?
I can't grow nails to save my life.
They crack, they break, they look bad...
It's tragic for when the girlie girl in me comes out.

I've tried the acrylic route several times and within a week I'm always doing whatever I can to get them off.
And sometimes I hurt myself in the process.

I'm sure I'm behind the times, but shellac? 
I didn't know it existed!
I think I'm in love!
Three weeks without chipping?
I'll believe it when I see it.

Now on to things of a more substantial nature.

Here is Emily's latest physical therapy:

This girl of mine...she smiles all of the time, until you take a picture of her.
She talks all of the time...until you put her in front of someone other than Jason or me.
People think she's the most serious baby on the planet.

Where was I?

Physical therapy.
Put her in the basket and it forces her to sit, which she's not a fan of doing...she would rather be standing.
It helps her strengthen her back and neck muscles, and it keeps her from putting pressure on her poor head which will soon be adorned with a beautiful helmet.

She loves it.
And I love her.
She started saying 'ma ma'.
Be still my heart.

(I know, I know...she doesn't associate the words with me, but's a beautiful sound.)

I'm trying to write an essay...for a small contest.
I've never done anything of the sort, and I'm not sure I'll finish, but at least I'm trying.

Here's another picture, in case you need a baby fix.
And now I'm off to finish up my work so that I can go home and be with my family.
Isn't that amazing?
I have a family to go home to.


Mom on a Line said...

Big smile on my face to know that Emily is saying mama. And the pictures are so sweet, serious face and all.

Dazee Dreamer said...

your nails and Emily are beautiful

Tiffany said...

Gasp. Thank you, thank you for the fix. Oh that little hand!

Shan said...

This post makes me happy. I needed this tonight, so thank you! (And seriously? Three weeks? Do let us know if it's even close.)

Heather said...

I have missed you. I have been wanting to try Shellac...maybe I will.
The baby? She is adorable!! My kids always loved being in a laundry basket too. I wonder what it is?

LL Cool Joe said...

I just popped over from Dazee's blog. Your baby is beautiful, even with a straight face!

Jen said...

Let me know how the shellac goes! I've heard of it, but I'm skeptical. I never get my nails done because I will sit there and "pick" at the polish until I make a mess of my nails (and that's usually within the first 2 days of getting them done).

Such a sweet baby girl. Love the Emily fix! Keep them coming!

Erka said...

When my daughter was her age and going to physical therapy, I got a bumbo chair for her to sit up while I was doing stuff and could not help her stand up. The chair also has a tray to put toys and food and helps them from falling forward (as mine did in the basket). So sweet she says "ma ma", and now that might mean many things but I am sure mama is one of them too! :)That is also such a good sign for her future language development, I remember the specialist sayig that about mine at least. Oh and I just heard that my friends baby who has been on a feeding tube for over two years and was thought would never eat and drink on her own (after loosing the ability for lack of hunger and surgery to stop the constant throw ups), is now starting to eat on her own at two and a half years old! Miracles do happen, Platt and that baby of yours is a fighter and about the cutest little girl ever too! She has such bright eyes too!

Anonymous said...

The nails are beautiful, Emily is beautiful. She does look like she is saying, "Really, Mom? Really? You are going to post this on your blog?" And I'm pretty sure the mamamamama is directed at you. They know.

Sam said...

This kid gets cuter by the day. For serious.

LOVE the nails!

Bridget said...

What in the world is shellac? It looks amazing! (looks down at my own nails and cringes)

Love the laundry basket playground!!

Rachel Starchman said...

Tell me about the shellac and that color and brand of pink, pretty please, its gorgeous. Is the shellac in the nail section? I'm curious, I hate putting time into it when it just chips away.
I'm glad your going to talk to someone, I need to do the same but have yet to admit it outloud. It's hard. But I'm glad you are, I know what a big step it is. ((((Hugs)))) Noelle, your amazing and I love ya and I've never even met you, lol. I can't imagine the awesomeness of meeting you in person :)

Elizabeth said...

Your nails are so pretty. Pink and shiny. What's not to love. You'll have to give a review of shellac after the three weeks. If it works, I'm totally in.

I totally needed a baby fix. Emily is so beautiful. Love that photo of her sleeping. Her little hand is so sweet.

xo -E

P.S. If all of your regular babysitters are booked, you know who to call, right?

Karen said...

Well, I have never heard of shellac for nails. My dad uses shellac to finish furniture but I didn't know you could use it on nails. Can you do it yourself, or do you have to go to a salon?

Of One Heart said...

Shellac??? Lead the way please; I'm following. Good Lord! I love your baby!