Saturday, February 4, 2012

My Husband Is Going To Be Grounded For Life

I'm not a snob.
I'm really not.
But I'm going to sound like one for just a second.
I've never purchased anything from a second hand store.  Ever.
Until a few weeks ago.
I needed a new desk for my office, I didn't have a ton of money to spend, and I didn't want the traditional bulky office desk.
I stopped at a furniture store just to browse and realized I was next to a second hand store.
I went in and left 15 minutes later with a table that cost me a whopping $19.99.
I sanded it down to the pure wood and it's a beautiful table made of solid maple.
I've got one more coat of paint to put on, and then I'll show you the finished product.

That's not the snobby part.
This is.
Today I went to another second hand store, and I had Emily with me.
We don't take her out very often, for fear of germs and RSV, but Jason ran away from home for the day and I didn't have any other option.
The place was crawling ... crawling ... with people, and within two minutes I felt like I needed to sanitize myself and Emily from head to toe.
We walked in and turned around and walked right back out.
Forget the giant picture frame I was looking for.

Three hours later I still felt like I was covered in germs.
I won't be taking Emily to another second hand store any time soon.

Speaking of RSV, would you like to know something?
Emily gets a shot once a month for added protection against RSV.
She's had two so far, and will probably have two or three more.
Guess how much they cost.
Go ahead, guess.
Oh my honk.

Emily is going to spend Monday night in the hospital.
Happy 6 month birthday to her.  6 months!!!  I simply can't believe it.
The GI doctor wants to recreate Emily's routine in the hospital setting and run some tests to see if we can find an answer to the current mystery: Emily throwing up every day.
Except that now we've had TWO ENTIRE DAYS of no throwing up.
Of course we do...that's how we roll.
I think I have Jason convinced that he and Emily need some bonding time, and that he should spend the night with her at the hospital and I should come home and sleep.  For one whole night.
Wouldn't that be amazing?

We've reached a milestone on this Emily's six month mark.
Tonight will be her third night without using oxygen.
I'm a nervous wreck about it.
I keep the oxygen monitor on and check it pretty much every hour.  Every time I go in her oxygen is between 93 and 94.  I'm hoping that by the time Emily is one I won't feel the need to use the monitor.

Here's one final look inside our life.
Jason went snow shoeing.  It's now 8:25pm and he is still not home.
I wasn't home when he left and he didn't leave a note telling me where he would be going, or when he would be home.
There are avalanche warnings everywhere in the backcountry right now.
Jason is pretty smart when it comes to the outdoors, but the man did almost die once in an avalanche.
I have a right to worry right?



Shan said...

I hope he's come home by now and you have put that whole, "If something happened to you, I'd kill you" conversation is behind you.

Six months already? I guess so, since Fynn's a few days shy of 18 months, but it's still surprising.

Six more months to wean yourself off the oxygen monitor? Not a bad goal.

By the way, being grossed out by the people in that store doesn't make you sound like a snob. You just have to go on a Tuesday morning or something, when the crowds aren't so big.

Courtney said...

yay for little miss emily! :)

Of One Heart said...

Yes, you do! Of course you do! Please tell that man to get back home right NOW! Yikes.

Happy 6 months, baby girl! xx

Dear GI doctor,

May you be blessed with divine intervention as you examine our little champion this Monday. And may she not need the RSV shots anymore. Really, you've got to be a little budget friendly here, you know.

Dear Noelle,

Grind Emily's daddy to fine powder if he doesn't listen to you.

Dear Jason,

You know I'm kidding. Come back.

Beth Zimmerman said...

Absolutely! Praying all is well! Love you guys!

-stephanie- said...

I'm with you on being snobby when it comes to Emily and second hand stores. Keep her out of them!
I know this is NO comparison but I get the no throwing up for a few days thing. My cat throws up every day and since I changed her food she has not thrown up in a few days either. Yay for no throwing up. Way to be a mystery Em.
Hopefully Jason snow shoe'd to a nearby roadhouse to watch the Super Bowl.
Praying he makes it home OK.
$2500!!!!?? Sounds like highway robbery to me. Crazy stuff.

Bossy Betty said...

"Oh My Honk," God, I love that expression.

Hope all is well. Thinking of you and Emily today!

Jessica Gurney said...

OH Noelle. I'm so sorry her medical expenses are so crazy. Just not having health insurance Grant cost us $14,000. That is like a drop in the bucket for you but I do know how it can weigh on your life. You are such an amazing example and I consider myself lucky to know such a neat and inspirational person.