Sunday, February 12, 2012


After looking at her cousins for a minute my niece Sami came and asked me a very important question.
"Noelle, which one is Elimy?"
I smiled and said, "She's the one with the tube on her face."
Sami smiled and said, "Oh yeah," and then went to join the rest of her cousins.

Do you know how much I love that little Sami tonight?
She didn't even see the tube.

One of these days I'm going to give you the update on Emily's feeding tube/GI drama...but not today.
I'm frustrated with the whole scenario but it's still Sunday and I don't want to whine on Sunday.
Look at me being all Pollyanna!

My dad watched Emily for a minute tonight and said to me, "She's so calm, and peaceful, and gentle isn't she?"

She is...
All of those things and more.
And she's got every one of us wrapped around her little finger.

And now I'm off to fall asleep to the sounds of Jason cursing his phone.
He recently downloaded the game of Life and he takes it very seriously.


TortugaRachel said...

Sami is AWESOME!! That child deserves to be taken out for ice cream or somethin, I tell ya. I love the picture, I love how Emily looks so healthy and big. It's so much better than the last cousins pic where the poor miss was all blue. She looks fantastic!

Shan said...

Sami is just as wonderful as Elimy, I think.

Kim said...

How cute is your niece! I think that tube has become transparent to us all, except the ones who witness how much pain and agony it causes her on ocassion. Its that one last 'hurdle' to jump, and you will get there, she will get there, all in God-time. :) xoxoxox

Sahar said...

Ya know? That Sami is wise in her own little way. I'm not gonna look at the tube anymore either ;)

Angee and Thom said...

Look at how big she is getting. I think I love that Sami too. The sweet innocence only a child can have.