Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Play Date

My phone rang this afternoon and caller ID showed that it was work.
I answered and was greeted by my niece Sami, aka Trouble.

"Noelle, are you home?"


"Where's Elimy?"

"She's here with me," I told Sami.

"Are you coming here?" Sami asked.

"Not today."

"Where's Jason?"

"He's working," I told her.


"In Salt Lake City."

"With Grandpa?" Sami asked.
(Sami knows that Grandpa drives to Salt Lake every day.)

"No, he's by himself."

"Are you by yourself?" Sami asked.

I told her that yes, Elimy and I were by ourselves.

"Can I come over?"

I told her she could, but that she would have to find someone to bring her.
I suggested she call her Aunt Becca, because I knew that Becca would be coming my way.

"What's her phone number?" Sami asked.

I laughed because Sami can't write, and I'm pretty sure she wouldn't know what the numbers were to push them on the phone.

I told her I would call Becca for her and she said, "No, it's okay.  Manda is here, she will help me."

20 minutes later Sami showed up to play.
Within two hours Sami had managed to put almost every toy of Elimy's in the middle of the living room floor...and my living room isn't very big.

We watched Tangled and part of The Incredibles.
I put makeup on her.
Sami combed Emily's hair.
And Sami ate a popsicle and jelly beans.

There was a point where I had to run upstairs for two seconds and I told Sami that she was in charge of making sure Elimy didn't roll off the couch.

(I knew we were safe because Em's not rolling yet.)

Less than one minute after I left the room Sami came running after me.

"Noelle!  Noelle!  I picked Elimy up all by myself!  Come see!"

After a few hours I asked Sami if she were ready to go home.

"NO!" she said.

Sami finally left with Aunt Becca and when Becca asked if Sami had fun she said, "I was so bored!"

There you have it.
Don't come to my house if you're looking for a fun time.


Heather said...

I love the so proud look on Trouble's face and the "What the heck....?" look on "Elimy's" face.
Too cute!!

Bridget said...

OK, that is just super cute.

angel shrout said...

LMBO sounds to me like she had a good time. But you know kids.Love that picture of her and "Elimy" love her pronunciation of her name.

Rachel Starchman said...

That is the Cutest picture EVER of Sami and Elimy :) love love love it! You can totally tell they are related:)

Elizabeth said...

What beautiful girls! And what a great story!

xo -E

Shan said...

This is the best!

Angee and Thom said...

I love that little Sami. I think she and Elimy have a special bond. don't worry Noelle I would still come over to your house and I'm sure we would have fun.

Daniel and Elise said...

Ha ha! That is so funny! She is a hoot!
Oh, and BTW, I really like the hot pink fingernails of the previous post ;)

Of One Heart said...

Ah! Kids shouldn't be allowed to talk!