Sunday, March 25, 2012

By The Time Jason Gets Home I'm Going To Need More Than A Nap

Em and I are on our own this week.
The last time Jason was gone this long Emily ended up in the hospital because of a massive infection in her then healing incision.
If you see smoke signals, it's me begging for mercy.

You know what I love?
It's watching Jason through the baby monitor.
He sneaks in to Emily's room at night and leans over to kiss her on her forehead.
My goodness, the love that man has for his baby girl is overwhelming.

I've had a rough weekend.
Some conversations have left me unsettled, and a little bit sad, and as a result, my emotions are right at the surface.
Why oh why did I not buy the waterproof mascara?

Tonight at dinner Jason and I went through the process of feeding Emily.
It's a production, every time, and it seems with every feed I find myself pleading in my mind, 'please don't throw up, please don't throw up.'
Somewhere mid feed I looked across the table and saw my niece, just a few months younger than Emily, drinking from a bottle and it hurt my heart a little bit.
Before Emily was born I didn't know that feeding issues like hers even existed.

I have the world's cutest video of Emily splashing in the bathtub but I'm not sure that it's even politically correct to post it, so the above picture will have to do for now.

My restless legs and I are going to bed now.
I hope that you all have a great Monday!


jer and lous crew said...

she is a BEAUTY...everytime your mom in law comes into my office i have to ask about you, jason and sweet emily...hope you have a wonderful monday as well...loves

Beth Zimmerman said...

Love you, Noelle! I'm here (with lots of free time) if you need to talk! And Emily is such a beautiful child! Keep hanging in there. You are not alone!