Monday, March 26, 2012

Dear Dad...

It looks like I have to start avoiding my dad.
It's a shame because I kind of like the guy.
But I can't handle the pressure he is putting me under.
Every time I see him it's the same thing:
"Noelle, did you read my book yet?"

(Remember when I told you that he just had his first book published?)

Sunday when he asked me that question I told him that I had read some of it.
"How far did you get?" he asked me.
"Miguel is about to wreck his jeep," I replied.

I nodded my head and said, "Dad, my life is kind of crazy.  Remember Emily?"

Tonight when I saw my dad he asked the same question but with different words.
"Noelle, did Miguel wreck the jeep yet?"
I ducked my head and said meekly, "No" and then I waited.


Now, it's not like I've never read his book.
I have.
I edited it for him more than once, and if I do say so myself, I made some really great suggestions along the way.
It's just that I haven't read it in it's finished form.

My brother who never even knew Dad was writing a book read it in a few hours and on Sunday said in a tone meant to bait me, "Noelle, even I've read Dad's book."

I explained again tonight about my life.
"Dad, this is your granddaughter.  She's super cute but she's incredibly high maintenance...not to mention the fact that I'm trying to work, and be a wife.  I read every chance I get."

"Noelle, you stay up until 3am reading a good book; you just don't want to read my book."

It's true, I used to stay up late reading all the time.
I never went anywhere without a book.
My dad knows what my bookshelves look like, and he knows I've read every book I own at least once, and probably twice:

I tried to ease his mind.

"Dad, I have a stack of books by my bed that I've been trying to get through since August, and the only book I pick up right now is yours.  I promise that I am reading it, and that I won't look at another book until I finish it."

Dear Dad, here's proof of my stack:

(And that's not to mention the books I have waiting for me on my Nook.)

Finally, he let the subject drop but before I left he asked, "So when can you come over and help me with my blog?" 

(He's creating a blog about his book.  It's tricky because he wants everything to be anonymous.  He wrote the book using a pseudonym and has gone to great lengths to guarantee that the book can't be linked to him.  He hates being the center of any kind of attention.  And this is why, if you ask me about the book, I will be all cryptic and stuff.)

I told him that Emily and I would come over Wednesday night if Mom would agree to fix me dinner.
Nothing fancy, just my favorite comfort food: eggs, biscuits and white sauce.

"I don't know why I bother," he mumbled.  "What's the point of a blog if I can't even get my own daughter to read my book."

Can you see why avoidance is my best approach?  (And here I sit...blogging instead of reading.)

* * * * *

Do me a favor.  If you are reading this in your reader, go to my actual blog and look at the amazing new design.

My friend Kristin designed it for me.  She's amazing and if you need a blog makeover, I highly recommend her!!!  

Go.  Click on my blog.  Right. Now.
With sugar on top?


Mr. Thompson and Me said...

Dear Dad,

I'll read your book.

Sincerely, Me

Amy said...

Dear Bishop,

I wanna read it too! Where can I find it?


Dazee Dreamer said...

I like the new look. I find it hard to read a "real" book anymore. I can read an e-book on my kindle app in one day. I would read your dad's book if I could get it that way.

Kristyn Grace said...

I'll read your dad's book! Have you posted what it is called?

Love the new design! Kristin did mine too! I'm obsessed with her!

***** said...

Love the new look. I'd love to read the book and I won't even pay attention to who the author is.

Shan said...

Noticed the new design right away. Love it! (Had to make sure that I was on your page and not Elimy's... changes the whole dad avoidance thing quite a bit.)

Beth Zimmerman said...

Dear Noelle's Dad,

I would read it too! Even though I already have 3 books in midread! Noelle has my address. :)

Noelle ... there are a few blogs that I ALWAYS click over to ... yours is one of the few! And it looks awesome!

Love you guys!