Monday, March 19, 2012

Hello, Welcome

Sugar and I got a divorce and I've had a headache ever since.

Did you know that there is something about eating in a cafeteria that compels you to eat dessert?
It's true.
In fact, I bet I could do a study and prove it scientifically.
In case you didn't know, I've eaten a lot of cafeteria meals in the last six months.

Dang Gina.
(Don't ask me where that came from.  My brother used to say it all the time and all of a sudden there it is, in my mind.)

It was time to end things.
The first two days required the consumption of Coke.
(Yes I know, Coke has sugar.  But it also has caffeine...and caffeine is about the only thing that will kick my headaches.)
Day three I quit Coke too.

***Random Side Note***

If I don't eat I get massive, horrible, make me want to die, headaches/migraines.
And it seems that taking care of Emily overrides my need to eat.
Every single time.
Jason came home somewhat late the other night and he had dinner.
"I got you a Coke because I knew you would have a headache by now."
He's what they call a good husband.

I gave myself Sunday to eat dessert at dinner if it looked really appetizing.
Tonight it did.
Wouldn't you know it.
The headache I've had all day?
It was gone within 10 minutes of me finishing my dessert.

Speaking of dinner...

At one point I looked around and said quietly to myself, "This is completely pathetic."

My dad was sitting to my left.
He had a grandson on his lap, and Trouble sitting next to him on the table.
They were playing a game on my sister's iPad.

Next to them two of my sisters were playing a game on my sister's iPhone.
Next to them another sister and her boyfriend were also playing a game on their phones.
Jason was sitting next to me with his phone out.  He was researching the world's hottest peppers.

My dad said to me, "Can you pass me the potatoes?"  
(For a minute I thought he wanted another baked potato.)
But then he added, "The creamy kind."

If you haven't seen While You Were Sleeping this will be lost on you, but the all time favorite movie quote in my family is 'These mashed potatoes are so creamy.'

I laughed and then Dad said, "So Noelle, what do you want to talk about?"
We talked about the book he's writing.
(He just finished his first; published it even.  He's amazing like that.)

Meanwhile, at the other end of the table, Grandma and Emily were in their own little world.

You know, Jason asked if I rated my tired state on a scale from one to ten, where was the least tired I have been in the last few months.
My answer was seven.
Makes me wonder why I'm still awake.

It's because of you.
I know that your day can't possibly go as well if there is not a post from me.
I'm totally selfless like that.

Tomorrow first thing I have to Google 'foot mouth hand disease' or whatever that is called.
My friend's kids have been suffering from it, and I want to appear educated before I email her back and offer my sincerest condolences.

There you have it.
Life lately.


Bossy Betty said...

Good to catch up with you and all things Nicole. Sugar and I have not gotten a divorce and I am happy. Gotta have my cookies. Don't take away my cookies. Don't even try.

Anonymous said...

Do you have Trader Joe's near where you live? Try some of their really dark chocolate ... sugar level is a little lower and there's the caffeine. All you need is a little bite now and again to lift the spirits and keep the headaches at bay. Also - it's good for your heart!

Love the gramma and Emily photo!

... Leslie in CA

Shan said...

Thanks for staying up just for me... I mean... us.

Hand foot and mouth disease went around with a few families I know up here, so definitely stick to emailing your friend!

PS I had a headache all weekend that I thought was caused by a lack of coffee (I can't drink it if Fynn's going to nurse and if we're around one another, she's definitely going to nurse). But I managed to get some yesterday and it didn't get rid of my headache. Sugar has also been on my mind. You're not alone!

Judy said...

Caeser Romero wasn't that tall...

Our family loves to mimic that dinner scene when we have new guests over for dinner :)

acte gratuit said...

"Dang Gina is attributed to Martin Lawrence's TV show, Martin referring to his girlfriend Gina."

The above is courtesy of Google. MY brother-in-law happens to say that all the time too! So I had to look it up!

I need to quit sugar too. I'm trying! It's super hard!!!

Leslie said...

Such a great photo of your daughter and mom! I love it!