Monday, March 12, 2012

Once Upon A Time

There was a guy

and a girl

who hiked the same mountains but at different times...because they didn't know each other.

And then, because of divine intervention, the guy and the girl met and fell in love and decided to hike mountains together forever.

Happy Second Anniversary Husband.
I love you.


Bridget said...

Sweetest post, LOVE the way you put it. Happy Anniversary!!!
Thinking of Emily! <3

Beth Zimmerman said...

Beautiful! Praying for you guys today! Always ... but especially today! :)

Shan said...


Venassa said...

Happy anniversary!

Kim said...

So beautiful! I love it, Happy Anniversary to you two. Wishing you a lifetime of happiness that just keep multiplying.

le Chef said...

Zions! Oh how I miss so. Utah!
Congrats on the 2 years .. we're hitting 20 in April. Feels like forever, but then like yesterday.
Time flies - enjoy the little moments.