Thursday, March 29, 2012

Our Girl Needs To Catch A Break

If Jason were to come home Friday night and say, "Dear, the house is a disaster" (he wouldn't, but if he did) I would say all of this:

-Do you know how many times your daughter has thrown up on me in the last week?

(A lot.  Enough that she ran out of clean pajamas and I am out of clean pants, and I've had to change her bedding three times ... two of those times in the middle of the night.)

-Do you know how much sleep I've had the last two nights?

(Not enough.  This morning when I was up at 4:30 doing laundry to guarantee that the little lady would have a clean pair of pjs for after she threw up again, I might have shed a tear.)

-Did you know that I've been on high alert watching our little lady so that if her symptoms of RSV get worse I will know to take her to the hospital?

(Of course he knows, and we both wonder why it is that Em only really gets sick when he goes out of town.)

-Did you know that I really really really missed you this week?

(He knows this too, because I've told him so more than once.)

-Did you know that even though she feels lousy, your little girl smiles for everyone, and smiles the most when she watches American Idol?


Em is sick.  If she gets worse, it's likely a hospital visit.
I asked the doctor today, "Is it a matter of when she gets worse and not if?"

The doctor crossed her fingers and said, "Let's hope for if she gets worse."

Have you ever heard that when you're stressed you gain belly weight?

I've been stressed now for a a year...I don't stand a chance do I.

My sister saves my life.
She comes over so that I can shower.
She goes to the store and buys me milk.
She buys Emily new pajamas.
And tonight she will be bringing me dinner from Olive Garden. (Maybe stress isn't really my problem.)

I'm just here folding laundry if you need me for anything.


Bridget said...

OK, now this is seriously getting ridiculous, that fact that you guys can't catch a break lately!
We will step up the prayers and add some pleading in.
I'm so sorry Noelle. Poor Emily! And poor Mommy! Playing single parent is tough enough without all of the other stuff.

Elizabeth said...

That little throw-up monster is so super cute.

Maybe you should get one of those rubber smocks that hair stylists wear. You know the kind with extra big pockets, good for catching stuff, er, I mean storing stuff in.

I'm sorry about all the laundry and throwing up and lack of sleep and the running out of groceries. Does it help if I say again what a beautiful girl you have?

If you need a nap or help with laundry, let me know. I'll be over with my big rubber apron.

xo -E

Sahar said...

You know when I was a baby and my dad went out of town (which he did pretty frequently) I always developed a fever and other flu-like symptoms?

I think the little one loves her daddy A LOT.

Beware, I loved my daddy so much that once he sent me to bed and I started bawling! Ever since then he has not been able to talk "harshly" to me... And I'm 28. Mom always had to be the mean one. ;)

Beth Zimmerman said...

I would so come do laundry for you! Probably NOT at 4:00 a.m. but I would do it! If only you were a tad closer. Praying for you and Em! Love you both!

TortugaRachel said...

Maybe she holds in all the sick until Daddy leaves as a ploy to keep Daddy at home. Just kidding.

Shan said...

I love a doctor who will say IF and not WHEN.

Hugs to you all. Big ones, of course.