Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Pet Peeve





And on and on ...

My honk...I go batty sometimes when I'm reading.
You might as well highlight the improper use of the word in fluorescent pink.

I've said it out loud.

* * * * *

Once in a while I have emotion that overwhelms me.
Sometimes it's happiness, sometimes it's hurt or sadness, and sometimes it's anger.
It scares me because I'm not an angry person.
Today, for a little while, I felt anger.

In the middle of the afternoon I stood up and handed Emily to Jason.
I walked to the cupboard, took out one lone yellow plate, and opened up the back door.
I stood on the patio and debated for about .25 seconds before I threw that plate as hard as I could against the concrete.
You know what?
I felt better.

I need more plates.

Not too long after (notice the proper use of the word too) Jason quietly went out and cleaned up my mess.


TortugaRachel said...

This is why I have plastic plates... I broke all my ceramic ones, haha!

Sandra said...

D.I is a good source of cheap throwing dishes.

Feel the feelings you have because holding them in is the problem. You have them, feel them.

Jason- I love the way you love Noelle.

Bossy Betty said...

Get yourself some bowls too. You deserve it. Dash them to the ground, watch them shatter. Know deep within yourself that you aren't made of glass though I am sure you feel like it at times. Sending you love.

Jaime said...


Saw a big sale at Target this weekend on plates...just sayin'.

Kristin said...

Oh Noelle. There's something so calming about losing control for a few seconds, isn't there? Sometimes you just need to get the emotion out and words just can't express it. Thinking about you often.

Beth Zimmerman said...

Oh my goodness, Noelle! I love your honesty and you make me laugh! Have you talked to your doctor about the possibility of PPD yet? I am not an angry person either but depression had me fighting the urge to flip the bird at every other driver on the road! It's a wonder I didn't get killed in a road rage impelled battle!

Ali said...

Those are my pet peeves too! I hope most of your plates survive. But smash as many as you want to feel better!

Dazee Dreamer said...

I with you on those words. Oh yes.

I think you should go to DI and just buy a bunch of plates to throw when you need to. yeah, go for it.

Kez71 said...

ok..well i hope the improper use of words wasn't what made you throw a plate..hope you feel better tommorow!xx

Of One Heart said...

I write on paper and then tear it up into bits- all the time.

Thank you for soothing my friend, happy yellow plate!!

Jason, you're awesome!