Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Guest Blogger

Hi World!

I just wanted to sneak in and say hi while Mommy is busy working.
Mommy says she has a lot to do and would I please not throw up while we're at work.
Mommy is funny. 

I like coming to work with Mommy.
Just today my cousin Sami (Mommy calls her Trouble but I don't know why) showed me some baby bunnies that Grandpa has in his store.
Mommy wouldn't let me play with them, but they sure were cute!

It seems someone always comes to visit me at work and I get to meet a lot of people who Mommy says are my friends.
Today I met a special friend named Helen.
She told me I could call her Nana Helen, and she told me she loves me.
Helen sends me a card in the mail for every holiday, and she says I'm always in her prayers.
It makes me feel good to know that people are still praying for me.

Mommy took me to my doctor today, just to make sure that my lungs are still okay.
The doctor was happy and told Mommy that she didn't need to worry as much anymore.
I still have a rattle in my chest but I heard the doctor say that may stick around for a little while.

World, can I ask you a question?
What's a mowhawk?
I heard Mommy tell my Aunt Heather that I am going to have a mowhawk because of this silly helmet I always have to wear.
Is that a bad thing?

I'm sleepy now World, and I think I'm going to take a nap so that Mommy can really get some work done.

Have a great afternoon!

Love, Elimy


Beth Zimmerman said...

Best guest post, EVER! I love you too, Em, and prayers continue as long as I have life! Pinky swear!

And I think you'll look awesome in a Mohawk!

Julie said...

I loved this.
Hi baby girl. You are so beautiful.
Have fun at mommy's work and give all your visitors your terrific smile.
Blessings sweetie.

Anonymous said...

Emily is the most adorable baby ever! Tell her she can guest post any time she wants! (P.S. Emily, I hear Mohawks on babies are totally in these days. They work great to stick a bow on!)

Anonymous said...

Hi cute girl!

I think you would look adorable with a mowhawk! I'll help your mama dye it neon pink or green. Ohhhh...maybe stripes! :)

~ Aunt Lewie

Julie said...

Hi Noelle. I know it's been ages and I am sorry but I just spent part of nap time getting more up to date on what's what and my dear girl you are one awesome woman/mommy/wife. I know that you are busy with all of that plus working and reading your daddy's book but you take the time to keep us up to date on Emily and I love you so much for that.
She is the most beautiful little girl and growing so fast. I hope that she gets to feeling better soon too. And tell that Jason, hurry home...you both need him.
Take care my friend and have a blessed afternoon!

CK said...

Emily-Mohawks are great and no matter what your hair looks like, you will ALWAYS be beautiful!!!
Glad you are feeling better. Maybe now your Momma can get some rest :)

-stephanie- said...

I love you Emily. You are such a sweetheart. Happy 8 month birthday!