Sunday, April 1, 2012

I Changed My Hair To Blonde

Sometimes when I'm really lucky I get to be in the same room with Jason when he's watching 
The Simpsons.
(I hate The Simpsons.)

I don't hate my bathing beauty though.

She's still not feeling 100%, but she's not in the hospital so we'll take it!

Jason is leaving again in a few days.
I think it's only fair that between now and when he leaves, he should be on throw up duty.
The End.

...oh, did you want to see my blonde hair?
Well, one of these days perhaps I'll comb it and then maybe I'll take a picture.


Our house almost burned down just now.
Or at least it smelled like it.
I asked Jason if he could smell something burning and he said no.
I told him to smell again and then he could smell it too.
We got up and checked everything.
I told Jason there was a haze in our house but he didn't see it.
All of a sudden it clicked.
I opened the dishwasher and a cloud of steam and smoke came out.
I guess the lid to the sippy cup wasn't as secure on the top shelf as I thought.
It melted onto the heating element and man alive does our house smell.
(You know, because I have the hope that one day our little lady will use a sippy cup.)


Would you like to know what made me laugh more than anything else today?
The subject of the first boy to break my heart came up at dinner.
Jason said something like, "You snooze you lose...or maybe it's you snoozed you losed."
(He was referring to the fact that it was the boy's loss.  He loves me, that husband of mine.)
I thought about it and then said, "You snost, you lost."
I laughed all night about that one.
Yes, perhaps it's pathetic to laugh at my own joke.
Such is my life.


Mary said...

Noelle, you still make me laugh.

I'm not sure I can handle seeing pics of you as a blonde. My husband has been trying to get me to do that for years. I admit, I'm not brave enough. I keep telling him it's not me. Really, I'm afraid of how long I will have to live with blonde hair. Everyone I've asked says don't do it. I'm afraid if you look good as a blonde, I won't have much of an excuse anymore.

Plattfamily said...

Ok...maybe this will make you feel least you figured out the sippy cup ordeal before you called 911 thinking your house was on fire. I had the same thing happen but couldn't figure out where the smoke was coming from and had 5 fire trucks, ambulances, cops show up at my house at midnight! Hahahaha it all seems funny looking back now....but that was a bad night :) Hope Emily keeps feeling better!

The Lumberjack's Wife said...

I DO want to see your hair! What a sweet thing for your husband to say :) Emily is too cute :)

-stephanie- said...

Oh my she is cute!

Amy Johnson Goodman said... had me laughing, so I hereby declare it an outstanding joke.

I've melted sippy cup lids too. More than once. Sigh.

LOVE the pictures of lil Em, especially the "Ooo" face:). What a sweetie. Hailey is jealous of her hair. Someday, I'll be able to do super cool stuff like that to her's too:).

Soooo glad Em is feeling better.

PS. Thanks for answering my question. It really helped! I'll let you know how it's coming

PPS. I would love to read your Dad's book. Send any cryptic methods of finding it my way.

Elizabeth said...

I love jokes and giggling over dinner. Mr. Bug always has something funny to say at dinner. The other night Grasshopper and I were laughing about something and his drink almost came out of his nose. Reminds me of good times when I was a kid giggling with my sister at the table and milk coming out of one or both of our noses. TMI?

Love that little Emily of yours. She's such a cutie. I especially love her tub hair.

xo -E

Beth Zimmerman said...

I'm sure you are gorgeous with any hair color ... Combed or not! And that baby of yours looks so healthy! You're doing good, little momma!

Angee and Thom said...

Love the picts of little Miss! oh I can smell the stink of melted plastic. I have witnessed a few who met that same demise.

Anonymous said...

Amazing how this little girl can look so much like you, and then in another photo be the image of her daddy. Either way she is adorable; thank you for sharing these pics.

Leslie in CA (except I am actually in Oaxaca MX with my iPad right now)