Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Glory Days (Recycled Post #1)

I think you should know that there was a time in my life when I could have my pick of any boy.
I'm pretty sure those boys stood in line waiting for their turn to be my boyfriend.
Once I hit the 7th grade things changed...but before the 7th grade...those were my glory days.

I had forgotten about my glory days. You know how it is, grade school was a very long time ago.
But the other day I drove past the house I grew up in and was reminded that those days really existed...

Don't you think it strange that no one ever painted over that shed?

I'm glad they didn't...some day when Emily needs proof that her mom was cool...
Well... I've got it.

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Lalis said...

My glory days where in elementary! A kid wrote all over the pre-school playground and his bus "I love Lalis" ... I wish I had a camera back then. I have no proof. I think my best friends remember... But I feel kind of stupid asking. Hahaha!

You, my friend, rock for taking that picture ;)