Thursday, May 10, 2012

I Need A 72 Hour Nap

Let me ask you something.
If you saw this:

Would you be inclined to find the nearest Clorox wipe?
Me too.

But it would seem that I'm the only one in my office with that inclination.

For the love of ... 

* * * * *

8:00 this morning found us here:

Turning my baby girl over to the anesthesiologist doesn't get easier, no matter how minor the procedure.
Now that Emily's stomach has healed from her g-tube placement, they changed tubes again and gave us something more user friendly.
Emily handled it well and we were home again by noon.

There are two ladies who work in the surgical waiting room.
I have wondered if they ever get a day off.
When we walked into the waiting room today one of the ladies looked up and kind of moaned and said, "oh no, you guys?!"
I laughed and said "at least we're not here with Dr. K right?"
(Dr. K is our cardiothoracic surgeon.)

* * * * *

When you go through something life altering you learn really quickly who will be there for you when it really matters.
I've been surprised by the response, both good and bad.
Some of those closest to us, who should have been there, haven't been...
And those who we haven't talked to in years have been in the wings, ready and willing no matter how large or small our need has been.

One of those waiting in the wings is a friend I met while living in NYC over 15 years ago.
She touched my life then more than she will know, and has done so again in the last several months.
She instinctively knows when to step in and always has the right thing to say.

I got this in the mail from her today:

It could be my favorite thing ever.

* * * * *

Is anyone even reading this blog still?  Not this post...but this blog in general.

* * * * *

Just one more thing before I close my weary weary weary weary weary eyes.

I think it's only fair that I let you in on a little secret.
Emily's eyelashes?
One of the only benefits that comes with having a heart defect.
It's the medicine she was on to keep the extra fluid out of her body for a little makes her eyelashes amazingly beautiful.

But her eyes?
Those are all hers and boy does she know how to get her way with them!
Seriously...she flutters those eyelashes and squints and grins and all hope is lost...


Beth Zimmerman said...

I'm still here, Noelle! And I bet a lot of others are too! Don't you DARE stop writing! I'd have to stage a sit in or something! Maybe an Occupy Utah!

angel shrout said...

Yep I still read ya faithfully. I actually would have a heart attack over that toilet top. Emily is a doll baby and I am glad her tube placement went much smoother for her

CK said...

I am still reading! Those are doomed! You will never be able to say no :) Not that you will anyway...just saying!

Anonymous said...

Yes! Look for and read your entries almost every day. You are an inspiration.

Totally noticed the eyelashes - and the angelic face of the sleeping Emily.

Did you get a "mickey" for feeding? So much easier to deal with ...

Sending all best wishes, Leslie in CA

Anonymous said...

I still love this blog. It is the only one I follow and I check it everyday no matter where I am. When I am down I look at pictures of your beautiful blessings and I find hope again. Thank you for the lifeline you have given me with this little blog page.

PS will you repost the recipe for crockpot lasagna if you find time, no pressure :)

Jen said...

I check your blog everyday to see if there's an update!

I've always thought how beautiful Emily's eyelashes are! She is one little cutie! Glad to hear she uses her lashes to their full potential.

Jen said...

and her big beautiful eyes! I didn't mention that the first thing you notice on her (well for me anyway) is how big and beautiful her eyes are!

Angee and Thom said...

CAn you make the 3 elephants into a huge pict. for your wall? So cute. I have been waiting for a tubie update... so glad all is well again

tracy levins said...

I am still reading!! Check in every day just to say a quick prayer for your baby girl!

Tracy Levins
Mobile, AL

Leslie said...

What a darling girl she is! And I'd worry too even for little procedures. I hope everything went well and she recovers quickly from it!

Alyson said...

This is one of my favorite blogs to read! I love keeping up on little Elimy! :)

It's so inspirational and motivational to read this blog. I definitely check everyday.

walden said...

I'm crying right now, honey. It's so funny and amazing and such a gift that our relationship is so reciprocal. Needed to read this today and needed to hear that the crazy things I say make more sense than pain...I worry about that. And yes...obviously, I read your blog. Your heart is awesome. Thanks for lifting my spirits and grounding me all at the same time today. I love you, honey.

Kim Molnar said...

I still read every post! It's just been a lot harder to leave comments when I typically have a newborn in one arm. :-)

Emily is gorgeous and I would cave too if I had to look into those eyes.

Happy Mother's Day, Noelle. You continue to inspire me. You are one of the most amazing mother's I know!

Shan said...

I'd have to join Beth Zimmerman!

Lalis said...

Oh my gosh, before I even read anything under the toilet picture, I thought, "LYSOL!!! GERMS!!! AAAAHHH!!!" I'm glad we understand each other ;)

Loved the elephant e-mail. Some people just know exactly what to do.