Tuesday, May 15, 2012


A few weeks ago a local Bo Peep rented one of our buildings at work.
(Bo Peep is how my niece Trouble says the word boutique & how I will say it forever more)

The Bo Peep hosted several crafters all selling their wares.

My sisters and I made our way across the parking lot several times to browse.

On the third and final day of the Bo Peep I noticed a bench sitting outside and I fell in love with it.
I ran over to look at it closely and determined that if, at the end of the day, no one else had purchased the bench, I would.

You would not believe the number of people who stopped to look at that bench.
And from across the parking lot where I was tied to a cash register, I sent telepathic thoughts:
"Step away from that bench."
"That will not look good at your house."
"You do not want that bench."

Etc. Etc.

Finally, with five minutes to spare before the Bo Peep closed, I jogged across the parking lot, ran into the barn and said, "I need that bench."

When I told Jason what I wanted to do with the bench he questioned me.
Not many people can see my vision until after a project is complete.

I wanted the bench at the end of our bed...a foot board of sorts.
Jason obliged and after looking at it for a few minutes he said, "Do you think maybe the lady could make us a headboard to match?"

My husband is brilliant.

It took me two days to track down the woman who made the bench, and when I told her what I wanted she gave me a very reasonable price and said "I'll see if I can find a head board to refinish."

Within just 6 hours she texted me and said, "I've found one.  Here's a picture of it."

Three days later the headboard was finished and I picked it up.

If you don't think it's lovely, I don't want to hear it.  
I happen to be in love with this furniture.

Here's my problem though, and this is where I need you.
What should I do with the lamp tables?

(Jason told me my table was a little cluttered and maybe I should clean it off before I took the picture.  I told him that all of you love me in spite of my clutter)

I can't leave the tables the same.  

Change the green to red and leave the cream?
Paint them a darker color ... maybe brown?
Make them look exactly like the bench and headboard?

Tell me what to do and I'll do it!
Actually, I won't do it, I'll pay the furniture lady to do it.

One more thing.
We're thinking about this instead of what we have:

photo found here 

It would change the look from more country to modern, but I think I love it.

Do you think that you love it?

(This time if you don't love it, tell me)


Daniel and Elise said...

First off, that red bench and headboard are AMAZING! I LOVE them! I'm so glad you got them!

About the side tables, I think you should paint them a rustic-style dark brown. The same style as the red furniture, only dark brown.

And I LOVE the new bedding idea! It would look SO good with the red furniture! Which is why I think the side tables should be just dark brown, because I stripes would make it too busy and would take away from the bedding.
But whatever you do will look amazing! :)

-stephanie- said...

I love all of it but I'm not sure what I'd do about the lamps or tables. I don't think I'd do the tables red though.
Oh...whoops, you didn't ask about the lamps. The lamps are lovely.

Mom on a Line said...

I totally love the furniture!

I would get rid of the green in the tables, but keep the cream. Maybe if you go with the new bedding, you could go with a red the color of the headboard/bench in some of the green squares and the yellow in the other green squares, and then the blue running through as a line in it. Or something working those colors in. I love the color palette of the bedding, especially with that unique headboard/bench.

Kristin @ Simply Klassic Home said...

Ok, first, you need to decide if you want the new bedding. I think it's fabulous and there's nothing that can transform the feel of a room like fresh new bedding. Second, I would go light with the sidetables. You want the bench and headboard to stand out, not the side tables. I would add some red accents though, maybe a cute red clock or a flower something like that, or red knobs. to tie it all together. I definitely think stripes would be too busy.

Are you planning on painting the walls? (sorry Jason! lol) Not saying that you need to, but you might want to decide on the whole plan instead of going piece by piece.

If you go with the new bedding, I like the idea of adding some yellow, and then maybe some aqua accents. You definitely want some pillow on the bench in those colors.

Was I helpful??? LOL

BTW, I posted this on my facebook page to see if any other decorating divas have any ideas!!

Beth Zimmerman said...

LOVE the new furniture AND the new bedding! My first thought was to do the side tables the same as the bed but maybe that would be too much.I'd probably go with either all cream or all dark brown. And I'd probably change the lamp shades to something more contemporary.

Mr. Thompson and Me said...

Love it.

Don't do the tables red though...what about dark grey to pick up the shade in the bedding? When I look at the great bedding - that's my vote.

Debbiedoo's said...

OK, I did not read any other comments I am going with my thoughts. I would leave the tables as is, I think they add interest and are eclectic to the look you have going on. The bedding that you are showing as inspiration is gorgeous and ties in all the colors. I would just find shorter lamps to go on the tables. Throw some comfy pillows on the bench and you are good to go.

Elizabeth said...

I would ask the furniture lady what she thinks about the bed-side tables (I forgot the word for them, but I'm so glad you have two. I think it is the lamest thing ever that furniture sets only come with one and you have to add another one. C'mon people! You need one for each side of the bed, even if two people don't sleep in the bed). I think the green is too much of a stand-out, but I think having them all red will be too much, but I'm also not sure if red & cream works either.

Nightstand. That's the word I want to use for those. Nightstands.

As you can see, my opinion is not helpful at all in the matter of the nightstand makeovers.

Here's what I think about the new bedding: fabulous!

xo -E

Debbiedoo's said...

I looked again closely, and I still stand by leaving those tables alone, that bedding will bring everything together...you can change the knobs on them too.

Brynn said...

I say yellow. How light or bright would depend on the bedding. Cute stuff.

Anonymous said...

The headboard and bench are amazing - you really have an eye for design.

I agree with leaving the tables the way they are. I think the green is a nice way to set off the red of the bench and headboard ... if you added red to the tables it might be too much.

Not so crazy about the new bedding, but I am not a paisley person, so probably not able to give a biased point of view there.

Leslie in CA

Kim said...

Love the bench & headboard!! I would get rid of the stripes on the end tables and ge them repurposed with the same distressed look in a different color. I am kind of digging the blue in the bedding (or the soft yellow) You can get new hardware for the tables that will will give them a fresh new look. There's a girls blog I follow who does a ton of furniture repurposing, let me see if I can find it to give you some ideas. all I have to say is "score" !!!

cathyjoy said...

I think you should do the night stands in the aqua-ish color of the new bedding and distress them like the headboard and bench. Then add red knobs or yellow, something to tie it all together.

I love the things you do...I would live in your redone office if I could! HGTV's got nothin on you!

Anonymous said...

Love the bedding and think it will give such a different look to the space. I would paint the lamp tables in a fresh white to bring some of the lighter colours out of the bedding. Add some very tall pretty white lamps with red trim maybe and it owuld be perfect! Love it xx

Lalis said...

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE BENCH IDEA WITH THE HEADBOARD! AND THE BEDDING!!!! I think the bench needs some pillows? Wait... you didn't ask about that.

No clue what to do about the night tables though... I think the green needs to go. Perhaps paint them to match the colors on the bedding?

Plattfamily said...

I love the bench and headboard...I would maybe make the nightstands a cream distressed look. That way they are perfect accent pieces but don't stand out too much!
Love that your nightstand is a little cluttered....mine is crazy cluttered as we speak. :)

walden said...

Hi girl!

Bench and headboard are brilliant...you have such style and vision. #1 feedback...your room is your oasis and you have to love it! Do with it what you guys love. #2 Tables...do whatever you want. They're cute and, if they're functional for you then keep them and change them up however you like...if not (functional...like for storing/putting stuff in) I say give some thought to getting new ones that you love. #3 don't dig the new bedding. But if you love it, I love it for you! My 3 cents. ;) So glad you're doing a refresh. Love ya.

Tiff said...

I'm with Brynn or Jalae. Yellow or maybe a gray. Accent the room with the bright colors, but don't overdue it. I think it looks great!

angel shrout said...

LOVE the new headboard and bench beautiful.. I have no clue on the tables hun I have NOOO sense of color stuff like that. Just know what I like.

Chelle said...

Love the Headboard and the bench. The nightstands are distracting and I would want the headstand and the bench to stand out. I would go with something darker and solid for the side tables like a dark gray or a black so that they fade out and let the other pieces stand out.
LOVE the bedding, but with it I would definitely make the nightstands a solid color it would be too busy otherwise.

Natasha and Jesse said...

I love the headboard and bench! Especially the color.

My thoughts are that you could either paint the nightstands red like the headboard (but that might be too much red for you) or a pale yellow like new the sheet/bedspread set...but only if you end up going with that set...
If you keep the set you have you could go with a brown for the nightstands. I love red and brown together.

Just my thoughts!

Just my thoughts!

***** said...

Great find! I would:
-Paint the tables off white
-leave the hardware since it looks like it matches the lamp base
-recover the lampshades to pick up red and colors in bedding (not too busy though)
-add some accessories on tables again to pick up bedding colors
**Maybe paint the wall behind the bed

Serendipity. said...

I LOVE the furniture, ALL of it, just the way that it is. The new linens that you have chosen will act as a unifier for the various colors in the side tables and the bed/bench I think that the side tables are great the way that they are since they add variety and give you another texture. As for the lamps, I think that you should look for something shorter, chunkier, maybe white, yellow or even bronze. Shades should probably be a solid color, drum shades would ROCK and you could add just a few flower rosettes made from a small print, solid, burlap and/or lace to coordinate with your bedding. it would also be fun to have a couple of pillows on the bench with the same rosettes. Good Luck...your vision is amazing so far! :)

mamabailey said...

The bed and the bench are really cute. And the new bedding is great! With it I think you would use the night stands as they are. But you might want to get you a different regular style table for your side and paint it white or yellow or some color in the spread. Then put a basket under it for your books, etc that your husband thinks is clutter! The tables don't have to match and sometimes it makes the design more interesting if they are different. Then I'd go with a different style lamp....not as tall and a chunkier style. Also in a color such as yellow, aqua or pull a color out of the spread. Then accent pillows on both the bed and the bench to coordinate. Something colorful over the bed....probably one large picture or a pretty metal piece.....but something with coordinating colors. How exciting! Hope you post pictures after you finish. And by the way, it's YOUR room so do it however you want to! But thanks for asking for our opinions...was fun to decorate the room in our minds!