Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Life According To Emily

Dear Everyone,

While Mommy is going crazy with work, I just wanted to say hi and tell you we're still here.
Daddy is out of town again for the week, and Mommy is juggling a lot right now.

Mommy brings me to work with her every day after I throw up and she lets me watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on her laptop.
Sometimes my cousins come and play with me.

My cousin Sami took a million pictures of me with Mommy's phone:

Poor Mommy has to pay a lot of bills, and she never has time to do it.
I think Mommy might pull her hair out.
(I'm really good at helping with that.)

I want to tell you a little secret.
Mommy changed her mind completely about her bedroom plans.
She wants to wait until everything is done to show you, but I think you will like it.

Mommy says I'm her favorite girl.
That makes me happy.

I hope you all have a finger you can chew on when life gets rough!

Lots of love,



Beth Zimmerman said...

I realized when I got to the last comment that I was chewing on my little finger. Nervous habit! :)

Kristin @ Simply Klassic Home said...

I don't want to wait!!! Send me pictures noooowwwww!!!!!

thank you. ;)

Lalis said...

Best. Picture. EVER!

Christina said...


Anonymous said...

I love it when you take over the keyboard, Princess Emily!! It's just plain fun!! I like what you say! It makes me happy...I smile a lot!! I just wanted to remind you that it's almost Thursday! Yet another triumphant feat checked off the list!! You make me so happy, missy!! Love YOU!!

rplatt said...

Did you know that you are one of my very favorite people in the whole world!!! (Don't tell your cousins)

Ness said...

That is the cutest picture of life!
I hope your mommy gets some rest and can get those bills paid!