Wednesday, May 30, 2012


The boxes on the porch did not contain anything exciting...
...unless you're Jason.
He got a bunch of work stuff and I got a bunch of Emily stuff...
...formula, bags for her feeding pump, syringes, etc. etc.
I should probably redefine what exciting is, as shipments from home health care are on the monthly calendar for eternity.

I'll satisfy your curiosity though, and give you a sneak peek into the changes I made with my bedroom.
I had to order the quilt and it's going to take forever to arrive.
And the bedside tables are currently being painted.
I expect a text any time telling me they are done.

The yellow pillow and the one with the blue flower are just a sample of the pillows I'm going to use and the quilted piece of material is actually one of the pillow shams, but the quilt will look the same.

(No matter how I tried, I could not totally fall in love with the other bedding.  This bedding is much more 'me'.)

Does that satisfy your curiosity for a little while longer?

My sister and I have an arrangement.
I tell her the things she needs to buy that she can't live without, and she feeds me.

As I told her last night of the latest 'you can't live without this' I realized that maybe you need to know the things you can't live without as well.
Is this true?

This is why you have me.
To make your life better.

Starting ... sometime ... I am going to write about the things you need in your life to make it better.

You can thank me later.
And feeding me is optional.


walden said...

Sweeeeeeeet! Love, love it. I'm excited for you to tell me what I need, too. Could use the inspiration! :)

As you know, I love you.

Beth Zimmerman said...

Beautiful! Want to come live with me for a while? I could use your energy and creativity! Love you, Noelle!