Sunday, June 17, 2012

Thank You

You would think, with as long as Emily has been fed with a feeding tube, I would remember to plug in her feeding pump at night.
I don't.
The only time the pump ever beeps at me to warn me the battery is almost dead is when Jason is out of town...because as he told me, 'I think about those kinds of things.  It's okay that you don't.'

If my deodorant isn't sitting on the counter, practically in front of my face, every morning, I can guarantee I will forget to put it on.
And I've been wearing deodorant for a lot longer than I've been feeding Emily.

Sometimes at night I'll wonder at a headache.
"Why does my head hurt so bad?" I'll moan out.
And I'll think about it and come to the same conclusion every time.
It's because I forgot to eat that day.

I'm serious.
I forget to eat.

Every month like clockwork I'll be sitting somewhere balling my eyes out.
(More than the normal balling my eyes out which happens a lot more than once a's directly related to the number of times I've had to change clothes in a day because of that little love of mine.)
"What is the matter with me?  Why am I such a mess?"

I can't tell you the number of times I've woken up to the sound of the garbage truck.
"For the love..." I'll think to myself.  "I can't believe I forgot to take the trash out again."

Recently however, I've discovered that I actually have a garbage fairy.
And it seems that the garbage fairy knows when Jason is out of town.
Tonight it was midnight before I remembered that I needed to take the garbage out.
I walked outside and saw that someone had already taken my garbage to the curb.
And as I thought about it, I realized that my garbage was taken care of the last time Jason was gone, and the time before that as well.

So on the chance my garbage fairy reads this blog?
(Because how else would the fairy know when Jason is gone...)
Your kindness makes my life easier, and I'm grateful.


Dazee Dreamer said...

A garbage fairy. That is awesome. That is true friendship I think.

Now, about you forgetting to eat........

Of One Heart said...

You need a back massage fairy as well. Put the notice up!

Debbie Gardner said...

That's so nice. No fairies in my life, only demons!