Saturday, June 16, 2012

We're Still Here

Our girl is still sick.
We've spent the past week cuddling more, taking more naps, washing more laundry, and playing more Angry Birds.
There were two days I didn't even go into work because the thought of taking Emily and the kitchen sink she requires, made me so tired.

In spite of her not feeling well, Emily is still Emily.
She won't smile for my dad, but she'll smile at any stranger she meets.
You can tell she wants nothing more than to get down and just walk already, and her love for Mickey Mouse Clubhouse grows every day.
I wish you could see her face light up every time Mickey Mouse makes an appearance.

Last night we were at the Disney Store and I held a plush Mickey toy up to her.
She smiled and then turned her head away because she was playing shy.
All I can do is laugh.

Em and I are Jasonless for another two weeks.
Emily misses her daddy.
At night when I'm rocking her she watches her bedroom door so intently, just waiting for her Daddy to walk through.

His boss said to him tonight, "I just realized that your missing your first Father's Day."
Jason said, "Yeah, Noelle isn't very happy with you right now."
If you haven't been counting, Jason has been gone a lot, and I'm ready to have him stick around for more than a few days at a time.

Emily and I gave Jason his Father's Day gifts early, so that he would know we love him, even if he isn't here for his day.

This is what Jason got from Emily:

(In case you didn't know, elephants are Emily's mascot on account of their strong hearts.)

I'll be back to blogging regularly next week, and I'll even finish the story.

Happy Father's Day...may the men in your lives enjoy their day!


Ness said...

Aww I love that Em loves Mickey Mouse. I hope she starts feeling better really soon! And that Jason starts getting more home time.

Of One Heart said...

That is PRECIOUS! I'm in awe of that gift. What a fantastic way to remember his first Father's day! Go Jason. :)