Monday, July 23, 2012

Boys Will Be Boys

One of the companies Jason works for is Princeton Tec.
They make headlamps.

(If Jason were writing this post he would give you an essay on the merits of headlamps over flashlights; lucky for you I'm not Jason.)

We have headlamps coming out of our ears...they are in every drawer, every cupboard, both cars...and I won't even get into how many headlamps Jason has in his office.

There was a 6 week period where Em needed IV antibiotics every 6 hours around the clock.  When we would get up in the middle of the night to give Em her meds, the light we used was a headlamp.

While Jason was gone last week (he's now home thankfully, and let me sleep most of Sunday) he got two big boxes in the mail from Princeton Tec.  Imagine my joy when I discovered they were full of headlamps!

Jason is doing a presentation to one of the army bases later this week, and Princeton Tec sent him everything he would need for the presentation.

One of the items in the boxes was a helmet worn in combat, decked out with all of the lighting it needs.
Jason put it on and then spent the next 15 minutes walking around the house in the dark testing the lights on the helmet.

At one point I looked up and saw him hiding behind a wall, like he was waiting to ambush someone.

I couldn't help but laugh.
Grown men will always be boys when it comes to certain things.

While Jason was playing I was washing dishes and I heard something in the garage.

"Hey honey, did you shut the garage door?"

He hadn't.

"Why don't you take your tough man gear and go check to make sure there aren't any boogie men out there."

He took his helmet and a ginormous light and headed for the door.  "And while you're at it, will you take that box to the garbage and take the garbage can to the street?"

He slumped forward and said, "Why do you have to ruin it by asking me to do something so menial?"

Later, while we were getting settled in to watch a movie (Em went to bed early last night...she's still not feeling great) I said to Jason, "What happened to the headlamp I custom made?"  Princeton Tec has this awesome website where you can go and design your own headlamp, and I had designed mine months ago.

"I'm on it," Jason said.

He immediately emailed the head honchos of PT and said something about his wife being bitter that she didn't have a headlamp yet.


Here's what's coming to me this week:

Watch out world.  My headlamp and I are going places!

PS. There weren't any boogie men.


Ali said...

Hahahaha! I love it! And way cute headlamp!

Bridget said...

This post is full of truth!!! Truth I tell you!
And congrats on the cute headlamp.

Dazee Dreamer said...

cool headlight. and yes, boys will be boys with their toys.

Anonymous said...

Ha! This post cracks me up! It brought to mind one night when I was at your house. In comes Jason with a carry on size suitcase. He opens it up & one by one starts taking out different headlamps. I think he giggled frequently as he turned each one on & examined them closely. I was in awe! :) My favorite quote of the night went something like this: "Dear, I love you but if you shine one more headlamp in our daughters eyes I will have to pound you a little bit."
Good luck to Jason & his headlamps, hope you are feeling better & give Elimy a kiss from her Aunt Lewie!

cathyjoy said...

This made me laugh!

Isn't true how men become little boys when they get a new gadget?

My hubs had quite a few headlamps and I crack up every time he goes to do some "menial" chore and has to put it on!

Amy Johnson Goodman said...

Thank you for a good laugh today. Love the headlamp!