Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Thank you...all of you...for your sweet comments yesterday!

* * * * *
Last night I asked Jason if I could look at his calendar.
I wanted to know what my future looked like.
I shouldn't have asked.

The 5th through the 7th is a family reunion.
Jason was in charge.
We're going camping.
Does that surprise anyone?

(Two weeks ago Jason got seven new sleeping bags and three or four new air mattresses in the mail...of course we're going camping.)

I shouldn't say 'we're going camping.'
Rather, they are going camping and Em and I will visit them during the day.

Call me a wimp, but I would prefer that the little miss sleep cozily in her own bed.
Jason promises he doesn't hate me for that decision.
And I promised him that when Em was a little bit older, a little less pukey (oh how I hope that day will come), and when I actually have a warm jacket that fits her, we will go camping with him.

Jason's parents are spending a couple of days with us after the reunion.
I've been cleaning and laundering like a crazy person.
My mom, because she loves me, talked me into bringing her my clothes that need to be ironed.

If you look at the calendar again you will clearly see that my life is going to be a lot of fun after next week.
(The dots indicate the days Jason will be traveling or working late...)
Feel free to come and visit, I get lonely!

I better hit publish.
I have four hours in which to finish two week's worth of work; the little lady is home with Daddy today so my odds of actually accomplishing this feat have gone up just a bit.

Happy 4th people!
May your fireworks NOT start another wildfire.


Cox Family said...

Have fun at the reunion, we sure wish we could be there! We'll have to stop by, even though Jason is going to be out of town while we're up there.

Taylor said...

I like your method of camping!! I need to figure out how to make that happen in my life :)

Elleny said...

Oh boy. I know you work a lot, but if there's ever a time when you're free and want to take Emily to the park with us let me know. Clara can't get enough of the baby swing.

Rachel Starchman said...

Love you Noelle. I'm glad your not giving up blogging, I'd miss you a lot! You've taught me so much about patience, love, perspective and faith. I haven't been a faithful blog reader to any of my friends the past few weeks, things have been hectic and stressful but when I have moments to catch up I love coming here because I know I will find something awesome. Even just a silly picture of Emily or a few simple words can make a difference in my day. ((hugs)) Your amazing Noelle and I'm glad your my friend :)