Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Just One For Now

Oh my gosh, I know.
I need to post about Em's birthday party.
I know.

Here's a picture that I didn't take...because I'm a bad mom and didn't take pictures...
(Thanks Lalis!)

As soon as I get the pictures Jason took I'll post more.
I promise.

Em's cardiologist called me this morning.

"Hi Noelle.  I know I told you I didn't need to see Emily for 6 months, but I met with her surgeon and he wants us to do a sedated echocardiogram within the next two weeks.  He's concerned about the narrowing in her left pulmonary artery."

So there's that.
Em's heart defect is not always on my top five favorites list.


Shan said...

What mom has time to operate a camera at their kid's party? I pass mine off to a friend and hope for the best.

I know you're grateful for doctors who are on top of Emily's needs. Me, too. But I'm looking forward to a day when they need to be less proactive.

Sending love.

Angee and Thom said...

It's always those darn LPAs!!!! Maybe they shoud throw a stent in everyone when they have their OHS. Good Luck