Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Night Life

We've got a small problem.

This is what Emily thinks of bedtime:

Weekend visitors and lots of cousins and fun = a nearly one year old's schedule going crazy.

Sleep baby sleep.
Your mommy can't keep her eyes open to keep playing with you!

Oh my honk she's adorable!


-stephanie- said...

She is adorable. Fun times.

Shan said...

Good grief, she's cute.

Fynnie started sleeping through the night past 4:30 in the morning AND taking naps last weekend. Still not convinced that it is going to last because she likes to toy with me, but I'm hopeful. And I'm hopeful that Miss Em remembers how great her old routine was... soon!

Kathy T. said...

What a cutie!

rplatt said...

oh my honk.... she is adorable!!!!

Lalis said...

HAHA! All I could think from that first picture was, "I WANT TO SQUEEZE HER!" :)

Mama P said...

She's so cute though, totally worth all those sleepless nights :P

Anonymous said...

What an expressive and adorable little face! You can almost imagine what she is thinking ... "come on, mama - let's play!"

Leslie in CA

Elizabeth said...

Oh my heck. She is just so cute! She can come not sleep at my house.

xo -E