Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Please Someone...Tell Me I'm Wrong

I'm realizing I don't have anything to say.
Not much anyway.

Are any of you insurance experts?

I've been under the impression that because of Emily's pre-existing conditions, she would be uninsurable if we were to switch insurance know, if I were to quit my job or something.

Because in order to keep my sanity, among other things, I think I need to quit my job.

But unless there is something I don't know...which is entirely possible...I'm stuck...
And to be honest?
That stuck feeling is starting to feel pretty hopeless.

(Jason's job doesn't offer insurance so it would mean I have to turn around and find another job or pay for private insurance...and isn't that crazy expensive too?)

* * * * *


I'm getting excited about Em's birthday party this weekend.
I've been making decorations all week.

The problem with having an open invitation is that I have no idea how many people will come...
...I'll either have way too many cookies or not nearly enough.

I ordered a dress for the little miss to wear but I don't think it will get here in time.

Speaking of the little miss...say a prayer that she'll feel well for her big day.
She can't shake the cold she has.

Actually, neither can her mom.

It's a shame the computer cord doesn't taste like mashed potatoes or baby carrots or something.


Brynn said...

I'm no expert, but if you quit your job, that change in status would make it so Jason could change his dependants on his insurance. I've never had an employer ask health history. If Jason's job has insurance, I don't see why she couldn't be added on. Worth doing some research. Good luck.

Janci said...

Part of the new healthcare law is that insurance companies can't deny coverage to children with pre-existing conditions. That means that if you switch jobs, your new coverage should cover Emily. However, the law does not cap insurance costs, so if you went to individual insurance, while they'd have to cover her, they could charge you far more than anyone could afford. Switching jobs and having an employer plan would probably be possible. Individual insurance? You can always get a quote on at no risk...but I imagine it would be crazy.

Dazee Dreamer said...

well, supposedly, before everyone had a freakout about the national health insurance, which I think everyone should be able to have it, not just those that are rich. Wait, getting off my soapbox.

I think that the thing that is in effect is they can't hold pre-existing conditions against you anymore.

Elizabeth said...

I don't know anything about it, but the above comments are slightly encouraging, right?

I just wanted to say that I really hope that you can work out Emily's insurance and be able to quit.

That girl is adorable. What does she need for her birthday?

xo -E

Anonymous said...

If you weren't working would she be able to be on medicaid or have you checked on CHIP?

Anonymous said...

Emily cannot be denied coverage for a pre-existing condition. And beginning in 2014 she cannot be charged more for her condition. Some insurance companies have already implemented the new rules for kids. Call around and get quotes.

Christina said...

My understanding for insurance is what Janci mentioned. They can not refuse to cover her but your premiums would be sky high. If you had a job that did not screen for health history they would be the same as a "healthy" family, but that is usually with bigger employers. Getting your own policies would be the super high premiums as they look at health history. Could you cut down on hours and keep your insurance? Good luck, I hate dealing with the insurance company but an so glad we have insurance! :)