Sunday, July 15, 2012

What Would You Do?


I posted Emily's birthday party announcement on this very blog for a few hours before I deleted it.
I don't know what's safe and what isn't, and although none of our personal information was on it, Em's full name was, and maybe that's not such a great idea.

I really don't know.

What do you think?
Is it safe to post it?

I sincerely want to invite anyone who wants to come...whether we've met or not.
I know there are a lot of people who consider Emily their own and I want all of those people...all of celebrate with us if you would like to.

I'll take a poll (that means you have to tell me what you think) and if there are more dos than do nots I'll post it again.

In the mean time, please, if you would like an invitation leave me a comment or send me an email and I'll make sure you get one!

* * * * *

I'm not feeling well tonight.
Thankfully, I've been fairly healthy since Emily was born...but lately it seems that my body is giving up on me.
I took an hour long nap this afternoon, and woke up feeling kind of blah.
Before I got pregnant with Em I had serious issues with vertigo (serious enough to land me in the ER a couple of times) but pregnancy seemed to have cured me of the worst of the vertigo.
I still keep medicine with me, wherever I am, just in case it comes back.
Tonight I stood up and immediately felt dizzy; dizziness scares me.
A lot.
I took my medicine and am hoping the dizziness soon fades.

I told my mom tonight that I think my body is permanently messed least chemically...thanks to pregnancy and the not at all stressful year it's been since.

 "Noelle, will you please call your doctor and just ask him to run some tests."
(This is far from the first time she's asked.)
My life is full of doctors...just not mine.
I think though, with this bout of dizziness I'm going to make the time, finally, to go in.
I'm afraid if I don't, my mom will make the call for me...
And how would that look?  
"Hi. I'm calling to make an appointment for my 37 year old daughter..."

(Actually, I might be 36.  I can never remember.)
((And yes, I'm serious.  I really can't remember.))

* * * * *

My niece came and found me tonight and asked, "Noelle, can you leave Elimy with Jason and come walk up the ditch with us?"

(There is a ditch that runs through my parent's neighborhood and my nieces and nephews love to play in it.)

When I got outside my nephew who is older than my niece said, "Sami is just a scaredy cat.  I told her the ditch was a dark forest and it scared her."

I informed Josh that I'm afraid of dark forests too, and that he could be our leader.
I asked Sami to hold my hand so that I wouldn't get even more scared.
Josh carried a big piece of rebar to kill the snakes if he saw any.

I didn't realize that I needed hiking boots and an axe to get through the ditch.
It was overgrown with trees and bushes in some spots, and my flip flops didn't love the rocks.
At one point my other niece Erika said to me, "You wore the wrong shoes but I have the wrong hairdo for this journey."

Ahhh...I love those kids.

* * * * *

And I love these two...


Mr. Thompson and Me said...

Don't post it. (better safe than sorry)

Erka said...

Linden Nursery is a public place so you are not giving away your address, the full name I'd only worry about identity theft, can you white out the last name?

Anonymous said...

I'm glad I got to see it, because it is truly adorable. Not sure about whether it's "safe" or not. I hope there wouldn't be any readers out there with bad intentions ... But in this day and time, it's sad that we just never know. I hope you all have a wonderful birthday celebration for your sweet one-year-old.

Leslie in CA

Anonymous said...

I thought the post was all right. It didn't have your house address. I don't think that someone would want to steal Emily's identity with her doctor bills anyway. But if you want to make it more obscure, that's fine too.

I think you just need time, time to adjust.

And your kids are darling!

You are doing great Noelle. We love you.

Sandra said...

I, for one, want to come celebrate if I am not at work. Maybe you could post a modified version with just her first name. I don't know. That is always the scary part, isn't it. What to disclose and what to keep private?

I'm with your mom- go see the doctor. Its like putting your oxygen mask on first. You are no good to your family if you are sick.

And I love those 2 too. And you as well. You truly are a great friend. Your visit the other day helped me see that I can go on and make it through.

Shan said...

I post my girls first and middle names, and I have one commenter who's a good friend of my husband. Said commenter refers to my husband by our last name. Kind of drives me nuts, but not enough to either ask him to change or to delete his comments.

As for Elimy's birthday, we'd love to celebrate, but cannot make the trek. Dang it all! It has really been quite a year (not to mention the pregnancy!) and you all deserve to be feted.

Over the past two years I have periodically dealt with being dizzy upon standing up or even just turning my head. Less in the past six months as Fynn has gotten more independent. In my case, it is a sleep issue, but I remember how you struggled with vertigo. I'm glad you are making time for your own health care.

Sue said...

Hi Noelle, I was just notified of you by a friend of mine! I haven't gone back to read anything about your daughter, but I know she and my son have something in common... both born with digeorge syndrome and a broken heart! How old is your daughter? My son is 1 TODAY! He has a TON of feeding issues still, but such a happy boy! I would be interested in communicating with you!

Ali said...

In my opinion, I wouldn't want to post her full name online. I tried so hard to keep Tanner's full name off of the internet and even came up with a nickname for him on my blog. But then my sister in law ruined it by commenting with his entire name. She also put his full name, birthday and other stuff on her blog. I was pretty ticked.
You never know who's looking!

Dazee Dreamer said...

I think maybe don't use her full name on your invite. Just Emily. Everyone knows who she is, and if they don't then they won't come anyway.

Jackie@The Cookie Corner AZ said...

Ya just never know who is reading your precious words. Don't post invite.
Just my two cents-
But yea, many of us love Ms. Emily like our own.

Baby Sister said...

I can white out everything but her first name if you would like me too. It's super easy. Also? You'll be 27 in September.

Baby Sister said...

I think I wrote 27. Sorry, that's cause I'm 27. You'll be 37. :)

Elizabeth said...

My dad would totally flip out if he had seen Em's little invitation. He freaks out now at the amount of personal details I include on my blog and I've never used my kids' or husband's real names. There are creepy people on the internet (I've met one of them) so better safe than sorry. I think "invitation by request" is best.

xo -E