Thursday, July 5, 2012

Wish Lists

It might surprise you to know ...  (or not if you have been around me the last few days...or ever...)
I'm a bit on the grouchy side.
I don't handle certain kinds of stress very well ...

You know the kinds:

-your husband planned a family reunion of the camping variety and it's raining and you don't have any warm clothes for your baby because it's July and she has outgrown everything that was warm and your in-laws are going to stay at your house and your father-in-law has the reputation of being a bit OCD when it comes to things being clean and you have to think of something to cook for Sunday dinner and you're not much of a fan of cooking and you go to Costco and spend a million dollars on things like diapers and wipes and ... (not button pajamas though, for those who suggested I look there)

I just took a breath.

One time my father-in-law said to me, "I can always count on you to have a clean bathroom."

No pressure.

In spite of the stress, Jason's parents will always be welcome at our home.
They love that little Emily and they don't get to see enough of her.

I ran to the store early this evening and bought the only warm outfit I could find and after bundling Emily up we drove up the canyon to meet Jason and his family.
Up until then Em had had a throw-up free day (she had one last week too) and I was feeling fairly relaxed when it came to packing my 'just in case' bag.
Relaxation gets me every time.
With just a few minutes left of her evening feed, Emily threw up all over everything...more than she's done in days.
At least I had an extra pair of pajamas, but they weren't very warm.

Turns out throw up stresses me out too ... especially when we're in the mountains ... so shortly after I cleaned her up, Em and I came home.

We'll try the mountain adventure again tomorrow.

I logged on to Amazon tonight to search for something.
Those nice people at Amazon immediately said 'Welcome Noelle, here are some suggestions for you.'

You're familiar with this: (well you are if you've ever read my blog and seen a picture of Elimy)

I'm a little bit fond of miss Ella Bella Elephant (that's really her name) and somehow Amazon knows this because this is what they suggested I buy:

Hello?  Tell me how I'm supposed to resist that?
Forget Emily, I want this.

It's on my wish list.


As I was searching for these images?
Guess what popped up:

I ask am I not supposed to take that as a sign?
The name Emily is ALREADY on the blanket.

"You just spent practically a million dollars at Costco on diapers..." is what I keep telling myself.
That and "How many birthday presents can parents reasonably give their one year old daughter?"

(I'm quite sure I've reached the maximum.)

My goodness but they're cute!
I've bookmarked them...
One of these days...

I've got to post this before midnight so that I don't get yet another lecture from my mom about staying up too late.
If you're in your 20s and you think your mom will stop lecturing you when you are in your 30s...
Well, you're wrong.

Lecture is perhaps the wrong word.
How about a gentle suggestion.
That sounds better.

Have a great weekend World.


Kristyn Monaghan said...

I'd love to send one to Emily for her birthday! (yay Amazon free shipping!) I think you posted your address somewhere but could you send it to me?

Anonymous said...

I am not a big fan of camping. I like to go up in the woods and hike and then go home to bed.

I hope all goes well with Emily. (And you.)

She is too cute.

KC said...

One can never have too many my daughters case ishe has 3 and never leaves home without them and she is 10! Luv your blog and just wan to hug that beautiful baby rol of yours. KC

Dazee Dreamer said...

for sure you have to buy the Emily elephant/blankie. I mean, come on. It's a given