Sunday, August 19, 2012

My Sister Is In For It

Conversation with my 5 year old niece: (who many of you know as Trouble)

"Noelle can I have some chocolate almonds?"

"No way. You've already had two cupcakes and if I let you have more sugar your mom will kill me."

My niece said:

"She doesn't have a gun. She doesn't have a sword. She doesn't know karate. She can't even punch. All she knows how to do is spank and that won't kill you."

I can't stop laughing.


Angel Shrout said...

BWhhahah gotta love the honesty of kids..

Miss Janet said...

Oh my goodness!


What a smartie!


Nessa said...

Hahaha I absolutely love her.

Kathy Giaquinta said...

HA! I checked in to check on baby Emily and got a laugh that I really needed! Thanks Trouble! :)