Thursday, August 30, 2012

Where is your happy place?

Once Upon A Time......
This is Becca - Noelle's sister doing a guest blog for her. She is at the hospital with sweet Emily who had surgery today.  The surgery went very well, and the doctors are pleased with her stats.  They even said they may have bought her three more years before she has to go back for her next one. (Fingers crossed!!)
A few years ago Noelle and I decided we were going to take a trip and celebrate our birthday at the Happiest Place on Earth!!!!  (yes we share a birthday - for details ask Noelle)  We flew to Anaheim and spent the next four days doing nothing but eating Churros, and giving ourselves motion sickness.  We wore the silly badges that said Happy Birthday for the most of the day and every employee and sometimes guest would wish us a happy birthday. Sometimes we would look at each other and wonder how they knew it was our birthday (a bit crazy - yes we were/are)  At night we would wander through the streets of Downtown Disney and window shop and enjoy the lights and atmosphere.  We had a good time just the two of us, and someday I hope to do it again. 
That was one of my favorite birthdays up to that point.  Now I go to Noelle's  house and watch Disney Junior with little Em, and I think perhaps she is developing a love of Disney that may rival mine someday. You should see her face when she sees Mickey walking up the hill to the clubhouse.  It is a look of pure joy; like her long lost friend is coming back for a visit.   I look forward to the day when she can experience the joy that is Disneyland with her parents (of course I will be there too)  for in my world there truly is no Happier Place on Earth than in Anaheim. 
And yes I did take Em a stuffed Mickey today to cheer her up while at the hospital!  After all I am the favorite aunt (and intend to maintain that position)


Baby Sister said...

Lol. And none of us could ever take the position from you. :)

Lalis said...

If only Dumbo had been pink! ;)

Jaime Barnhart said...

SO happy to hear the surgery went well -- sending lots of prayers and happy thoughts to little Miss Emily!!!

Disney is the best -- just took my kids to FL for the family trip to WDW. So amazing to see it through the eyes of an 8 year old and a 16 month old!

Dazee Dreamer said...

Thank you so much for letting us know how Emily is doing. I think you two going to disney is awesome. I went with friends once, and it was a blast.