Saturday, September 1, 2012

Home Sweet Home

In our defense (of not posting for a few days) spending time in the hospital takes it out of us girls!
(And of course by us girls I mean Emily and me.)

We've just been sleepy, and then some.
Yesterday I took a two and a half hour nap.  I was dead to the world.  And even with that nap,  last night I still slept right through the loudest thunderstorm in recent history.  (Or so say my sisters.)

Emily is doing well...really well.
She's pink again; I didn't realize that she wasn't pink until I saw her after her surgery.

As the doctor was showing us the video he took of the procedure Jason looked at me and said, "we should get a copy of this for your blog."

I don't have video images, but I do have this to show you:

The RPA (right pulmonary artery) is the size it should be.
The LPA (left ... ) clearly isn't.
'Severe stenosis' is what the doctor called it.

(The wires are what are holding her sternum together.)

The LPA is now being held open with a stent, and should take a lot of pressure off of the right side of her heart, and allow for better blood flow throughout her whole body.

This time around Emily was old enough to realize that her parent's left her with strangers who hurt her.
From the moment she came out of anesthesia until she finally fell sound asleep at 11:00pm Friday night, we could not put her down.
Even just to change her diaper, she cried the entire time, until we were holding her again.

Now that she's home, and in her own surroundings, she's back to being her happy self.

When Em was in the hospital for her first three months, I came home most nights feeling like she belonged to the hospital, and Jason and I were just guests who were allowed to hold her once in a while.
It was an incredibly frustrating feeling.

This time I was the mom, and the nurses deferred to me for Emily's care.
As we talked last night, I told Jason how good that was for my finally feel like I was allowed to be the mom.

I have an idea.
Let's keep Em out of the hospital now for at least a few years.
What do you think?


Nessa said...

I agree completely - keep her out.
But in all seriousness I'm really glad the surgery went well. And I'm also very very glad you're finally feeling like the mom.

Sam said...

That sounds like a great idea.

So glad you are all home! :) xo

Anonymous said...

I am sorry very happy that Emily is doing well. Thank you for sharing your story with me. It's is a beautiful story.

Anonymous said...

Yes! Out of the hospital is just the place for this girl ... and her mommy and daddy, too! So happy this procedure appears to have been successful, and I hope it's the start of many, many healthy and happy days ahead for all of you.

Leslie in CA

Shan said...

I think you have an excellent plan there.

Although it's not right that the nurses impeded your mothering during those first three months, I'm wondering if you have acquired a certain strength or manner of carrying yourself that now allows the nurses to feel comfortable with you in charge.

I'm glad you're all home, and that Elimy is her happy, pink self again.

KC said...

What a gorgeous brave girl. Yes, she has had enough of hospitals for at the very least a few years!

CK said...

I am so happy to hear that you are home. I will keep you both in my prayers - you for strength and Emily for her heart / no more hospital visits for some time to come.