Wednesday, September 12, 2012

It's Me, Emily!

Hi World!

Mommy says she's plum worn out (Mommy talks funny) and that I could have a turn at writing a blog post!
I have so many things to tell you!

First I want to say thank you to a couple of friends of mine.

Dear Claudia, I LOVE my new elephant friend that you sent me!
Mommy steals it from me sometimes and uses it as a pillow.
I love getting packages in the mail that are just for me, and that one made my day!

And Jamie and Rachel...thank you for my jammies!
Mommy let me wear them for a little while.
They are still too big, but they are so cozy and I love them!

World, we had a busy weekend!

Saturday morning Daddy and Mommy woke me up two hours earlier than normal to take me to something called a Heart Walk.
It was a morning to celebrate all of my friends who were born with broken hearts.

I got to walk with my best friend Shiloh...she and I spent a lot of time together in the hospital.
Shiloh learned how to eat before I did, and her mommy got to take her feeding tube out.
I'm kind of jealous...but not jealous enough yet to do anything about it.

Shiloh's mommy thinks it's funny that I have an elephant hanging from my mouth, and Mommy thinks it's funny that Shiloh and I are both scowling.

After our Heart Walk we went to see my cousin get baptized.
My cousin loves me.
While he was holding me he said, "I want to marry her someday!"
And a little bit later he said, "I wonder what the inside of her dreams look like."

I got to spend some time with my great grandma Audrey.
Mommy says great grandma is one of the wittiest people she knows.

Mommy says I make her crazy because I never smile for pictures.
World, Mommy says you are going to think I'm the scowliest baby on the planet.
It's not true.
I smile and laugh all the time.

Mommy and Daddy and I stayed in a hotel Saturday night.
We spent all afternoon with Daddy's family and then went to the hotel.
It was a lot of fun!
Except that Mommy got really sick, and threw up in the bushes.
I told her she could use my puke bucket, but she couldn't wait until we got to the hotel room.
Those poor bushes.

While Mommy died I played on the bed with Daddy.
I love my daddy!

Mommy told Daddy that she has even more empathy for my daily throw up episode, now that she spent a night doing the same thing.
Poor Mommy.
Poor me.

Actually poor Mommy the most, because Sunday morning when Mommy was sitting on the floor, Daddy picked me up and I threw up all over Mommy's head.
World?  Mommy says it's not nice to laugh.

Sunday we spent even more time with Daddy's family and then went and spent the evening with Mommy's family.

Mommy says if any of you are photoshop experts and want to steal these pictures and take out the silly plug she would be okay with that!

One of my favorite things about my grandpa is that he sings to us on Sunday nights.
This time he sat by me and sang me my very own song.
I loved it!

I have silly cousins and I love them a lot!
They love me too and that makes me so happy!

Well World, Mommy says it's almost time for me to eat breakfast.
I hope that all of you have a lovely day!
World, Mommy says that you are a big part of my life, even if I don't know you.
If that's true, and I'm sure it is, because Mommy doesn't lie, then I love you all!!!
And I'm glad you're mine!


Nessa said...

Ouch sounds like mommy's had it rough. I sure hope she's feeling better.
Your cousins look like a crazy fun bunch. You must be a lucky girl!

Shan said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Emily!
I love your post! Don't tell your mommy, but I laughed really hard when I heard you threw up on her head! :) I think you & your mommy should never throw up again!
It's okay if you don't smile in pictures. I have seen your gorgeous smile & heard your silly laugh!
You are so lucky to have your mommy & daddy. I know they love you more than they could ever say. I love you too! Tell your mommy that you want to play with me!
~Aunt Lewie

Dazee Dreamer said...

Dear Emily, you really need to start trying food. Like cake. oh my goodness that stuff is sooooo good.

-stephanie- said...

Dear Emily,
Thanks for the nice letter.
Don't tell your mommy, but I laughed when you said you threw up on her head.
I hope we can meet someday so I can give you a non computer hug. You're getting cuter every time I see your pictures. You're still in my prayers! Love you too, little one.