Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Nothing Quite Like Family

Some of you might recall that I have a big family:

These little ladies were born after the family picture was taken:

When we're all together chaos abounds!

This past Sunday the small group got together for dinner.
The small group consisted of my mom and dad, two sisters, one fiance, Jason, Em, and me.

While we were visiting after dinner my brother, who lives across the street, came over with his family to join the party.
A little while later my other brother and his family, who were out for a walk, also stopped in.

The house was already full at this point, but when my sister looked out the window and saw another missing sister pull up in her car she said, "ahhh, now we're almost complete."

Except that this sister, Heather, came without her family.
And when she burst through the front door she went straight for the bathroom.

She came out of the bathroom with a sheepish smile on her face and explained, "there was a line at my house.  I didn't want to wait.  My kids don't even know I'm gone.  I can't stay."
And as quickly as she came she was gone again.

I still laugh about it.

* * *
Do you remember when I hinted at some good news I didn't want to jinx?
It got jinxed anyway.

Our little lady went an entire 10 days without throwing up.
And it was heaven.
It was bliss.
It was less laundry!
But then she had her cardiac catheter, and the day after, she started throwing up again.


Her cute pony tail makes up for the fact that she beat me at my own game today.
I didn't get her dressed until after she threw up.
Just to spite me though, she threw up a second time too...all over me, and her outfit.

Man I love this girl!


Nessa said...

I wish my family was close enough to just randomly drop by.
Cutest little ponytail ever!

Anonymous said...

That's so interesting that the cardiac procedure seems to have somehow triggered the throwing up once again. It seems to give you a point of reference ... could it have been the anesthesia? Something touching a nerve that causes the brain to transmit nausea?

Anyway, there is hope because she did go all those days without the throwing up. More, please!

Leslie in CA

Dazee Dreamer said...

oh wow, that story about Heather is awesome.

Sandra said...

Ha! I love that your sister can come over just to use the bathroom! There have been times I wished I had somewhere to run to when there is a line at my house.

10 days!!!!! That's huge. Way to go Emily.