Sunday, September 30, 2012

There Were Times...

There was a time ... just this past weekend ... where Jason put a pillow up between the couch and the entertainment center to discourage Emily from crawling back there and messing with a table and a framed picture on top of it.

I was leaving to run to the grocery store and said, "Well that will work until she discovers she can just crawl over it."

Not ten minutes later I got this picture from Jason with the caption: "You were right."
I was in the party decoration isle when I laughed right out loud.

* * * * *

There was another time when Jason asked where I wanted to go to dinner on my birthday.
"Who will watch Emily?" I asked.
"We can't.  It's Becca's birthday too," I reminded him, "and it wouldn't be right to ask her to babysit Emily."

Instead, I made dinner, invited some friends over, and threw Becca a surprise birthday party.
"I think this is the first time I've ever had a birthday party," Becca said.
It was a good night.

The night after our birthday Becca did babysit Emily, so that Jason and I could go and ride the ski lift at Sundance Ski Resort, and enjoy the full moon.

 * * * * *

There was another time again where I took leave of every ounce of good sense I had.
And it happened at Hallmark.
"Look at this puzzle," Becca said.  "We should put it together, glue it, frame it, and hang it in the seed room at work." 
I encouraged the idea and said, "I think my kitchen table is big enough for it."

That was my first mistake.

It was after two days of searching for border pieces that don't really look like border pieces that I remembered a certain fact about Becca.

She doesn't do puzzles.
Until there are only 10 or 15 pieces left, and then she comes along, all nonchalant, and puts the pieces in and says, "Look!  We did such a great job!"

Becca is bitter because one night I took her phone and played Song Pop.
I was playing myself, and I just so happened to guess every song wrong on Becca's turn, ensuring my win.
When she brings that up again I'm going to look at her and say "Two words."
"Seed puzzle."

* * * * *

There was a time for my birthday that Jason got me gear.

...and a beautiful elephant necklace...

* * * * *

And finally...

...there was a time when Emily's gut didn't hate her...
but then I woke up.


rplatt said...

Well said.....Enjoy the puzzle!

Lalis said...

That picture of Emily's legs behind the couch made me laugh. She's awesome. :)

I hope you get some good answers from your 17 appointments...

Ali said...

He got you the necklace!?!? I TOLD YOU! Happy late Birthday by the way! Yours will always be easy to remember since it is the day before mine. :) Love you!

Elleny said...

I love puzzles...seriously. Invite me over and I'll help you with it while the girls play.

Beth Zimmerman said...

Oh sweetie ... praying for a day when all the things are good things! Know that you are SO VERY loved! =)

I'm glad he got you the necklace!