Friday, September 7, 2012

Yes, I'm That Mom

Yes, I do deserve the Mother of the Year award.  Thank you for nominating me!
Oh my honk.  Let me tell you why I don't actually deserve such an award.

Emily gets 135 ccs of formula every three hours.
During one of her feeds yesterday the formula ran out at 121 ccs.
It's not my favorite thing when the formula runs out because it's a chore to get the tube ready to hook her up again.
I knew being 14 ccs short on one feed wasn't going to hurt her, so I turned the pump off.

When it came time for her next feed we were at my mom's house. (It's peach season and my sister let me know that if I wanted bottled peaches I better help with the process.)

I turned the pump on, added formula, ran the formula through the tube to get any air out of it, and then hooked Emily up.  25 minutes later when I knew her feed was finished, I unhooked her and set her free to hang out with Grandpa.
They watched football.

It was sometime last night, around 11pm, that I realized what I had done.
Turning the pump off doesn't automatically reset the counter...the counter that tells you how many ccs have been pumped during that feed.
If you run out of milk at 121 ccs, and don't reset the counter, the next time you feed your child the pump will go for 14 ccs and then tell you the feed is done.


If you live in la la land, like I do apparently, you won't know that your child didn't get dinner until she's already in bed for the night, getting her post dinner feed.



Judy said...

As a mom I have done similar things without having to worry about a feeding tube so I'll get the "non mom of the year" award right along with you :)

Thomas & Alicia Montgomery said...

hehe, I know how you feel! I always feel so bad if I would forget to feed her the right amount but If this was your first time making a "mistake" like this then you definitely get the tube feeding mom of the year award!