Sunday, October 14, 2012

I'm Sure It Will Be Your Definition Too

One of the things I love about me is how classy I am.
What?  You need proof?
You asked for it.

I went to a funeral on Saturday.
To put it simply, it was sad.  Incredibly sad.
I debated on saying anything at all about it because of the tenderness of the situation.

I will tell you that sweet little Mia was only four years old, and there are things in life that are hard to understand.
Her death is one of those things.

Mia's story is not mine, and I feel like I would be treading on sacred ground to try and tell it.
Instead, if you are interested you can go here to her Mommy's blog, and read about the amount of living that Mia was able to squeeze into her four years.

Mia's grandma spoke at the funeral and asked all of the heart moms who were there to stand up.
This was our group:

She told the audience that our group of moms was a sorority hand picked by God.  In that moment, I've never felt more humbled to be a part of this group, loving and supporting one of our own.

Mia's mommy Mimi will forever have a spot in my prayers.

* * * * *

This was not what you were waiting to hear about is it.
You wanted classiness.

I didn't eat breakfast before the funeral, and I hadn't had dinner the night before.
My body doesn't do well without food.
I had nothing in my purse ... food or medicine ... and I could feel a migraine coming on.

Someone gave me a pack of fruit snacks but by the time I got them it was too late.
I was a goner.

Three is how many times I had to make a dash from the chapel where the funeral was being held.
Two of those times I couldn't make it to the bathroom, which was on the opposite side of the chapel.

If you happened to drive past a certain church on Saturday morning (twice) and wondered at the woman you saw crouched in the bushes, it was just me losing my insides.

The very definition of class.


Traci Bulkley said...

I don't comment on blogs very often, but know that I read yours. I love it, and I love you. Sorry about Saturday. I wish I'd have known sooner!

Hilary Thompson said...

And your classy friend is the only one doing heart hands in a crowd of amazing woman and one cool guy. Classy.

Nessa said...

I went to her blog, then spent the next while (at work) trying not to cry. She was a beautiful little girl.
And yes, that is definitely class. Hope you finally got some food into you and are feeling better.

Mr. Thompson and Me said...

There you are behind Paul. I saw his pic posts but didn't even see you in it until now. Definately a special group. I've worked with Paul on Red.Cross stuff (he got a lot of blood) and I love you both.


Angee and Thom said...

yes CLASSY! and what a total waste of fruit snacks- but I am glad that you didn't choke