Tuesday, October 9, 2012

It Must Be That Halloween Is Near

Oh my gosh, I know.
I haven't blogged in a few days.
I've been busy.
And I have so so so much to tell you.
But it will have to wait, because it's precisely 1:49am and I'm a tad sleepy.

I'll tell you one story.
And I better make it a quick one, or I'm going to be mad at myself.

Sami...you know Sami...everyone knows Sami...right?  Here's a picture in case you don't:

Where was I?
That girl stakes a claim in every corner of our business.
She collects offices like I collect pink elephants for Emily.
She's up to four I think.

The desk she claims in my office is the desk our delivery guys use, and boy does it fire Sami up.
Every time she comes in she clears the desk off of whatever might be on top, and opens a drawer and pulls out her toys, jewelry, and snacks.
And then she sits and writes note after note after note.
And she chews one of our employees out for whatever it is she thinks he's done wrong that day.
She's a hoot.

Last week sometime we left the office to run something up to my sister, and as we were walking up the road Sami was waving her arms emphatically and venting to me about Steve, one of our drivers.

"Steve thinks that desk is his," she said, and she was full of venom as she said it.
"It's MY desk.  I tell him that every time I see him.  But he still sits there and it freaks me out."
(Not freaked out as in scared, but freaked out as in ticked off...she's a funny girl.)

"What should we do about it?" I asked Sami.

"Just tell him to sit somewhere else...or at least to leave my things alone.  I'm sick of it!" She was waving her arms again and I was hiding my laugh.

Every time she comes to work the first thing she asks is, "Is Steve here?"

Today Sami saw a white truck pull into the parking lot and Sami asked my mom, "Grandma, is that Steve?" and she was ready to run down to my office to defend her desk.

"No Sami, that's not Steve."
"Are you sure?" Sami asked.  "Just a minute, let me look."

(Here's what you need to know: Steve is a tall, skinny, white boy and the driver of the truck was a short, not so skinny, guy from Mexico.)

Sami peered out the window and said as certainly as if she were telling you a cloud is white, "Grandma that's Steve.  He's just wearing a mask."

HA HA HA ... this girl makes my day.

It's now 2:10am ... man I'm going to hate life in a few hours.


Anonymous said...


You tell great stories. I missed them.

Don't feel obligated to write in you blog, but it really is entertaining.

Thank you

Elizabeth said...

I love the funny things that kids say. Love them! Tell Sami thanks for me.

xo -E

Ali said...

Hahaha! What a little crack up! You are one lucky Auntie. :)

Beth Zimmerman said...

I love your stories! And your family! And you! =)