Thursday, October 4, 2012

My Child Loves Song Pop!


I took Lortab last night.
That's how bad my head hurt.
It knocked me out and when I woke up this morning I still had a headache.
Oh, and I was dizzy too.
So so dizzy.

But then.

I laid down on the floor and while Emily was crawling all over me I felt something in my ear pop.
It was like a water balloon burst and I could feel fluid and after the fluid stopped draining the pressure in my head was gone, and I was no longer dizzy.

My sister, who might as well be my doctor, informed that I probably have had an ear infection and the popping this morning was more than likely my ear drum.
Whatever it was?
I'm just grateful.

And too.

I did something.
Something kind of dramatic.
I went against our GI doctor and nutritionist's advice and changed Emily's formula.
(I've been waiting for someone to find out and send child protective services after me or something.)

Em's never had dairy or soy proteins in her formula.
Because of the recurring infection in her intestines when she was really young, everyone has been opposed to changing her formula.
(The formula she's been on her entire life is in its most elemental form, and in theory, should be the easiest to tolerate.)

I can't tell you how many times I've asked, "What if it's the formula that is hurting her and that's causing her to throw up?"
And I am ALWAYS told, "It's not the formula. It can't be the formula."
I've asked specifically, "Can we try a different formula?"
I'm always told no.  Emphatically no.


I've read enough to know that some kids are in fact allergic to this elemental formula and when they're taken off of it they do better.
I talked to Jason; I talked to my mom; I talked to Em's feeding therapists; I talked to myself.
And after all of it I took a leap of faith and bought a dairy based formula and over the last week I've been gradually weaning Emily off of the old formula.  Tomorrow will be the day she gets 100% of her new formula.

Guess what?

Our girl has been happier this week than we've ever seen her.
She has never had this many consistent good days that I can remember.
She still throws up and retches a little bit right when she wakes up (and we're hopeful the new GI doctor can help with that), but she tolerates her feeds.
She smiles instead of whimpering and moaning the whole time she's being fed.
She gets up and plays after she's done eating, rather than laying in our lap trying to recover from feeding time.

She laughs.
She plays peek a boo.
She crawls all over our house.

And did I mention she isn't in misery when we feed her?

If we make it past the 10 day puke free period we've had once before, and if she's still happy...
Well, I'll be grateful I followed my gut but I'll also be seriously annoyed that I didn't follow my gut 6 months ago, when I first asked about changing formulas.
And I'll probably be even more annoyed at some doctors I know.

But then I'll get over it.
And just be grateful we found an answer.

But if?

The 10 day period is all we have, and my girl starts throwing up and being miserable again, I'll probably cry and ask you for tissues.

We're leaving for a few days...getting out of here for a change of pace and scenery.
I'll be back next week.

Keep your fingers crossed for our little lady!


Dazee Dreamer said...

Oh, my fingers are crossed. And I must say, always, always listen to your mother intuition. God is not going to steer you wrong.

Bridget said...

Go Momma! You know what's best for your baby girl, I mean, she is yours. :)
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Beth Zimmerman said...

I take 2 LorTabs, a muscle relaxant, and an Ambien (sleeping pill) every night before bed and still manage to have insomnia! LorTabs used to always give me horrible headaches but at some point in the last 4 years I got over it ... or got used to always having a headache?

How's our Em tolerating her formula now?