Sunday, October 21, 2012

My Smile Gets Everyone

Hi World!

My mommy and daddy are on a date (they are sitting in the living room watching the news - Daddy says if I'm not in the room with them, it's a date) and they think I'm asleep.

I wanted to clarify something.
Something important.

The bruise on my head and the cut on my chin were all my doing.
I promise Mommy and Daddy didn't have anything to do with it.

Well, I guess Daddy kind of did because he didn't catch me fast enough when I dove off the couch.
It's not his fault really, because I'm fast.
Speedy Gonzales fast!

I'm probably going to start walking by myself any time now.

You should have seen me at church today!
I was walking everywhere.
I had lots of help.
All these ladies reached out and took my hand as I walked past them, and they made sure I didn't fall over.

Mommy says I'm kind of wobbly.
I say she should give me a break.
She should try having 4 heart surgeries, and then talk to me about wobbly.

My new best friend was sitting next to Mommy in church, and she was reading the church lesson from her phone.
I reached right over and took her phone out of her hand and started playing with it.
Mommy says I don't own the world, but I think she's just silly.

Well World, what should I tell you?

I could tell you that all my daddy does is cough - and watch football.
He thinks I like football.
Mommy says he's delusional.  (I don't know what that word means but it sounds good.)

Mommy says she's as sick of football as Daddy is of Mickey Mouse.
All I know is that Daddy can't be Aunt Becca's favorite person if he doesn't like Mickey Mouse.
Maybe Mommy, Aunt Becca, and I will go to Disneyland without him.
That will teach him!

I heard my mommy tell my daddy that I have only thrown up 7 times in the last 21 days.
(Mommy keeps a journal of my throw up track record.  Weird huh?!)

That might seem like a lot to you, but it's like heaven to me!
I still won't eat, but one of my feeding therapists told Mommy that he thinks Mommy fixed 70% of my problem with not wanting to eat.

I think I'll keep everyone on their toes for the next 30%.
What's the fun in putting stuff in your mouth anyway?

World, I can't wait to show you my Halloween costume!
I'm going to look so cute!

Tonight I was crawling on the floor at my cousin's house and he came over and sat on me like I was a horse.
He squashed me flat, and I had no idea what was even going on.
It's rough being me.

Okay World, Mommy has the baby monitor now and she's going to see that I'm still awake so I better go.

Someone told me today that I'm famous and I think it's because all of you read about me.
I hope that you don't get bored!!!

Happy Monday!


Elizabeth said...

Oh my heck. Cutest girl ever! I just want to squish those cheeks!

xo -E

Bossy Betty said...

Bored? Never! Your smile is fantastic as is your spirit!!! Keep 'em hoppin' Emily!

Anonymous said...

Such a precious little face!! A bit beat-up, but sooo precious...just the same!

rplatt said...

Em - I think Disneyland is a great idea!!! Let's go soon. I sure do love you!!

Ali said...

I just love you Emily! You are definitely a celebrity! I am sorry that you got squished by your cousin, but it sure sounds like you are having fun and progressing in leaps and bounds with walking and hopefully putting more in your mouth than your bink! Love you so much beautiful girl. xoxoxo

-stephanie- said...

Oh Em, you make me laugh. Sometimes moms and dads just don't get it and I appreciate it when you set us straight on your life. Thanks for your sweet smile. Now, no more couch diving.

KC said...

Glad everything is going well, my boys both have bruises on their foreheads too! I can't wait to see the Halloween costume!

Courtney said...

Noelle! She is absolutly beautiful! I know I haven't been good at commenting lately, but I have been reading. And Emily? Growing up to be one beautiful, amazing, and loved little girl! :)

Beth Zimmerman said...

You're famous because so many of us love you, cutie pie! Hoping for even less yucky stuff as time goes on. Hug your mama for us!

Sandra said...

Hi Emily, It is good to hear from you, even if you are supposed to be asleep. I think you are doing great considering all you have gone through. I didn't have all that stuff going on and I didn't walk until I was a bit older as well. I only did because my mommy had another baby and couldn't carry me anymore. Basically walk or get left behind.

I can hardly wait to see you in your costume. That is what I love most about Halloween- you can dress up and people don't think you are silly or crazy. When you are as old as I am they frown on you wearing a peacock costume to work. No one wants their kid talking to a counselor dressed like a peacock or fairy if it isn't Halloween. Isn't that the silliest thing you ever heard?

I heard that daddy is not feeling well and gave mom a scare today. I hope he starts to feel better soon and mommy gets some rest as well. They work really hard and we all love them. And we love you too.

I think the reason you are famous is because you are the perfect picture of love. You have shown people how much Jesus loves us and helps us here on the earth even when it is not the way we want it. He knows what will help us be stronger and he sent you to the world to help us understand and know that. That is why you are famous. You are a missionary. And that is why everyone loves you.

Well it is past my bedtime so I am sure it is past yours so we better both go to slepp before your mom frowns at us both.

Love you and sleep well, Emily.

Jill said...

Emily, my love, your posts make me giggle. Can you and Olivia be super friends? I need your kind of funny in my life forever. Your mama makes me laugh too. Be kind to your mama. You've successfully stolen Eliza's title as "Grand Master Champion of Puke". Earning a title like that is rough on your mama. Give her extra loves.