Tuesday, October 2, 2012


My niece Samantha, who is five, was just here visiting Elimy.
They watched Mickey Mouse while I tried to get some work done.
Sami asked me this very deep question:
"How old were you when you were five?"

She may not get the concept of age yet, but I think she'll be the one to get Elimy to eat by mouth.
"Noelle, you need to bring Elimy to my house so that I can babysit her."
"Oh except, where will she sleep?"
"I know.  You can take her home at night and then bring her back the next morning for more babysitting!"

(this conversation took place while Sami was brushing my hair with Emily's brush)

"Anyway, Tyler and me will teach her how to eat...and chew just like a princess."
"Like I'm doing right now. With my gum."

We've been missing the princess element.
That's been our problem this whole time!

Just as she was leaving my office Sami asked, "Noelle how old are you?"
I told her.
"Wow.  You're almost old enough for ... something."
"What something?" I asked.
"Probably to be a grandma," is what Sami said, and then she ran out the door.

How old were you when you were five?


Nessa said...

Oh Sami, she is my favorite.
You look young to be a grandma, I think.

Elizabeth said...

I was probably middle-aged when I was five. I colored in my coloring books from front to back, no skipping around coloring whatever was fun.

Fun post. Thank Sami for me, will you?

xo -E

Lalis said...

I love Sami...
But no, you're not definitely old enough for something.

Beth Zimmerman said...

Love that Sami! You could only be a grandma in Arkansas! =)

CK said...

This post made me laugh :)